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This day's readings and reflections (as usual) were 'meaty'. I liked the rembrandt painting and the challenge to 'open our eyes' through the reading of prayer and the Word. I just purchased Richard Foster's latest book called LIfe With God, a book dealing with reading our bibles in a transformational way." He does a whole tour of the bible and gives clues as to how 'to hear God's voice' in the various biblical genre. Wonderful book. Great complement to OYB readers.

pride, I have teenage sons & its so easy to see it in them, while reading todays I was convicted of the pride in my own heart, ouch. thank you Gd for your loving & gentel way of correcting us when we're willing to listen. I think its our pride that hinders us from accepting Gods nudges in the begining & that requires the great "fall" that I can be too familiar with & from our reading we can see examples of.

I think a self-check would be ideal regularly. Pride is something that could creep up on you and you don't even realise it. Even in little things as simple as 'not wanting to appear cheap' could lead to pride if it comes with the wrong motive.

I always love reading about Jesus and His disciples, he loved them and showed it in divers ways; as he loves us as much today. He left them with an unforgettable blessing before His departure 'Peace be with you' This is a simple blessing that often eludes us in our present world; this world knows no peace! and we see the effect on our spciety! The peace that Jesus gives can be ours today, we just have to reach out and take it!

I also love reading the psalms. Today more than ever, I'm reminded that I have to give a 'shout of praise' to God on daily basis. I was blessed by the video from youtube...Good job!

thankyou for all your insight into what we're reading! i have just started this journey in hopes that this time next year (for my 40th b-day!) i'll have read the great book cover to cover!

April 29, 2008

Without sounding proud I have to say that I don’t recall being proud about anything at anytime. I truly try to live a very humble life. I really have to think about this a lot more.

Something that is standing out to me about Judges is the way the Jewish people flip back-and-forth between the sovereign and Holy God and worshiping other Gods. Then God angers and punishes them and they come back to Him only to fall away again. I guess I see this as how many of us live our lives today; hot and cold. Dr. David Jeremiah has been doing a series on the book of Judges. If you’d like to listen you can find them at: http://www.turningpointonline.org/site/PageServer?pagename=index

Yours in Christ

How awesome the Word of God is - do you know how many countless people watch American Idol and how God uses any and everything!!!!! Amazing You Tube pick - wonder if they understand that they are being used to fulfill part of the commission in Matthew 28:16 - go out into the world ...!!

Praise God and let the redeem say SO with a SHOUT!!

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