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Hi. This is my first post here. First, thanks for this blog. You have obviously put alot into it. I really appreciate it.
Second, thoughts that "came" to me as I was reading Judges. I use KJV so I don't know exactly what words the other versions use. In v31, his vow says "whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house," interesting that he does not say "whosoever". But why would he have expected something non-human to "come from the doors" of his house? Unless he didn't mean his home but something more like 'the gates of his property'? Was he trusting God to send the animal He wanted to be sacrificed at the appropriate time? Nevertheless I think it was a warning not to make rash vows or bargains with the Lord.

One more thing. "The Gospel of John" is available on Netflix both as a DVD or to download on computer.

I'm still here Mike!
Today's OT reading was all new to me! When Jephthah said whatever came out of his house to meet him was not a smart thing to say. Family would come to greet him most likely, even if he had a dog that was an odd thing to say. Then he followed thru on his vow.
His faith had been tarnished by the people of the land & he had forgotten as you said the Lord had forbidden it. I wonder how many of us are doing the same thing? We go to our churches but you hear so many different things taught that are not Biblical but you feel you are being righteous because it was taught there. Hope I made this clear, it's very early in the morning.
I love the DVD of John, I too, saw it at the movies & was touched beyond belief. I cried as if I relived my coming to Christ again. I haven't seen it in awhile so will look forward to watching it when we finish the book of John.
Psalms today was very convicting.
Thank you for all you do here.
Julie R

First of all, I'll like to thank Mike for providing this forum for discussions; this is highly appreciated.
I was mostly touched by Judges 11:34-39 - I want to believe that Jephthah was a bit rash in making such a vow, could he not have imagined the possibility of any member of his household coming to welcome him? But the lesson here for me was that he followed through! I mean he was faithful enough to follow through even though it meant sacrificing his only child! God is not demanding for us make a vow, but He expects us to fulfill it if we make one; its up to us to be careful about the vows we make!
Again Jephthah's daughter must have been a very obedient child, she did not even argue or accuse the father, she willingly surrendered herself for the sacrifice! Knowing my kind of person, I would not have surrendered without a fight! I would not even surrender, Jephthah would have to figure out other ways of fulfilling his vow.
I loved reading the book of John, this confirms that Jesus is also God and He dwelt among us.
Thanks everyone and have a great day!

The Gospel according to John... ahhh... And it's finally spring here in New England. Life is good. God is good. The first five verses of John are some of my absolute favorites... next to chapter ten that is... and fourteen... and, well, John is simply amazing. Great video. Thanks for posting. We're still with you Mike!

Hi Mike,

I'm still here and have been here everyday. I just don't always have time to post up to the blog.

I believe that laughter is good medicine. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away but laughter everyday keeps the devil away. I believe by having laughter in our lives on a daily bases our hearts will never become too heavy. Laughter is good for the soul. When you keep Jesus in your life, pray and talk with him everyday and share Him with others one can't help to be light hearted and laugh.

He is the way, the truth and the life. Be joyful and laugh!

Yours in Christ

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