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While every life has seasons of laughter and sorrow, I believe that communities do also. I just think that the times that the writers of the gospels were living in, they were more impressed by the weeping. Maybe Jesus laughed a lot in an age of sorrow. Think of the recent hard times of our own country and the depression. It shaped people's lives. The crucification of Jesus was still fresh on their minds. I've heard preachers say that Jesus my have been weeping because He knew Lazarus was in God's presence and the miracle required Lazarus to come back into a sinful environment. It is comforting to know that Jesus wept- and I believe our Father planned that we would know this. I believe that he weeps even now with us-at least we know that the Holy Spirit grieves.

Thank you for the wonderful artwork that you include with each day's commentary. It is a beautiful addition and mini art history course. This Bible Blog has been one of the best things in my life this year. Thanks so much.

When I read the John passage I assumed Jesus was weeping partly because he alone *knew* that was going to be him in a very short time: a combination of natural human dread and fear at that prospect mixed together with the infinite love and power of God. Who wouldn't weep?

As for laughing, I'm *sure* from personal experiences that God has a very good sense of humor. That said, if the majority of your children were slaves to sin and death and refused to even recognize, much less obey you, would you laugh?

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