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Although there are differences of opinion on John 17, I find it quite moving that over 40 times in this amazing prayer our Lord makes reference to the disciples--then and now. So when I read John 17:4 "I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do" one has to ask, 'what 'work' is Jesus praying about? Was it the work of redemption which had not been accomplished yet? In a few hours he would pray again from the cross in John 19:3 "It is finished" referencing his sacrificial, redemptive work on the cross. I have often thought that the 'work' he's 'finished' in John 17 is the work of bringing his disciples to a place where they will carry on His life message--the message of reconciling the world to His Father. We see later in 2 Corinthians 5:18-20"We beseech you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God...Christ was in God reconciling the world to Himself, and He uses the likes of us.

any other thoughts on John 17 and 'the work' he is referencing in his prayer?

I am the father of five that range in age from 21 to 15. While I would never call them my enemies I do encounter plenty of struggles between my will and theirs.

Last night was one of those moments with my 15 year old son. In the midst of our disagreement I sinned against him by losing my temper and getting so loud that I scared him.

I trembled after that incident because it seemed to come out of nowhere. I had actually had a good day prior to this encounter. How could I so easily let anger slip in?

I decided to write him a note of apology and asked for his forgiveness. I slipped the note under his bedroom door because he was asleep by then.

This morning I was still troubled over my sin. I confessed it to the Lord and asked for faith to believe that He had indeed forgiven me and cleansed me (1 John 1:9).

When my son got up from bed to get ready for school there was a predictable silence and what seemed like avoidance from him. I asked him if he read my note. He said he did and wanted to forgive me. He also apologized for his part in our disagreement.

Could this be the peace promised when we please God? Is my repentance of sin and reconciliation with my son pleasing to God? I think so. I'm amazed that such a horrible incident (in my mind at least) could be redeemed.

My brother through Christ, I wonder why we do not have a posting for the 29th.
Is this an error or what? The daily bible readings are always a start of my day and I look forward to them.
Love through Jesus Christ our LORD.

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