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proverb 14:29 i saw it in my life and i found out how powerful impact on others when you are slow in anger in front of somebody who was on rage GOd 's wisdom is great and powerful even when you return back in anger you lost yourself and your friend but when you controll your anger it is much powerful reaction you did you will be apreciatied by others for the understanding and wisdom you show on this situation parise to the lord Amin

Honestly, God's grace shows up in my life everyday! Every day that I have breath, food, in my right mind, clothing, vehicle, housing, family that loves me, an awesome pastor who cares for me, etc. Sometimes I even fall asleep during pray or pray half-heartedly, so I have to God's grace is always with me! He is so faithful even when I am not!

When Jesus is speaking to (some of)the Jews, he includes in John 5 verse 21(a)"For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life,..."
I'd not noticed that bit before.
Blessings, Helen.

Prov.14:19 is such a wonderful verse. It has spoken to my heart. I am touched by the words that controlling one's anger demostrates one's understanding and the vise versa shows how foolish one is.

Regards, Dorothy

Hannah's story always reminds me of myself. I had also been in a situation of fruitlesness for years after my marriage. I cried unto God like Hannah and He heard and opened my womb; today I have a beautiful two-year old...Surely there is no rock like our God. Just like Mike said, I still sometimes find myself seeking for help from friends instead of God....by His grace I'm learning to make Him my 'rock' in all circumstances and situations of my life. Jesus has also done a lot for me even when I have not asked...I live by grace each day!

Peace, Susan

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