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I do believe in missions and caring for the poor. I believe God has called us to compassion for less fortunate. I help daily by being a partner with my church first and foremost with outreach missions, then with Joyce Meyer missions, our local radio to spread the Gospel which is so vitally important, my 8 year old son has joined in the giving with Life international in giving, and me and my children and church actively go out and minister to one of our Nursing homes in our community, where there is poor in spirit and we give warmth and strength in just being there for some of the elderly. That I believe is what it is all about is giving back to your community and in return giving unto Christ.

Reading the 1 Samuel 2 passage today,I was also thinking how we have Jesus praying for us(before I saw Mike's comment on that).

I think it is important to note that our sins affect others as well; the two sons of Eli sinned, but look at the many people that died with them (a lot of the armies of isreal died in the battle against the philistines). God is always faithful to warn us of our sins - Samuel told Eli of the impending judgement but Eli and his sons did not seek repentance. It is up to us to take necessary actions of repentance when our sins are pointed out so that we may obtain mercy from the lord.

Peace, Susan

I like God's display of HIs wonderful providence in the chapter of John we read - God is able to provide for ALL my needs and even more than I need today!
The fall of Dagon before the ark of the lord is equally note worthy - Our God is above all other gods and before Him will all knees bow! 'Who is like our God, glorious in faithfulness, fearful in praises, doing wonders'!

God Bless, Susan

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