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Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. 24And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 25Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 26and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.
I pray to keep this verse in mind today and remember it each time I get tempted to prove I'm right to someone...
10You, however, know all about my teaching, my way of life, my purpose, faith, patience, love, endurance, 11persecutions, sufferings....I have to admit there are times I get impatient with my parents and have noticed it more and more in the younger generations....I pray we all realise that God doesn't approve of that and calls us to be gentle in dealing with people no matter how bad it is....patience,love endurance...these were a way of life for Paul and it should be for us too...in today's world these things are truly hard to see.I pray for these things to be a way of life for me too.....
God bless you all

Re 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and Mike's question - how do these verses resonate.

It is easy to apply them to society in our time. There are many trends in the world which seem to match this description. But I wonder if people have not always been like that. Are things actually worse now than in times and places in the past?

Re Mike's exhortation and warning arising from 2 Tim 2:22: "And please do continue to have relationships with others who may not be believers in your life too. Be cautious in that sometimes those old relationships can bring us down / pull us back to old habits if we are not careful."

I believe we must maintain active relationships with people who do not believe. Otherwise, how can we ever demonstrate the Gospel to the world if we close ourselves into a community of believers?

However, there is the instruction from Paul at the end 2 Tim 3:5 "Have nothing to do with such people."

So it appears we have to make some choices - cultivating relationships with some and having nothing to do with others.

From Jeremiah 45: It's human nature especially in the work world to seek great things for yourself at the sake of stepping on others. I believe the Christian way would be to do things as Christ would do and see that He loves us all the same. Don't things work out smoothly when participants, players, co-workers etc.. see themselves as part of a team working for the good of all rather than their own individual selfish interests.

2 Timothy: Says run from everything that stimulates youthfull lust. This really speaks volumns to some of us from the baby boomer generation, who have learned many or our life's lessons as my dad would say "from the school of hard knocks" No wonder the youth of today have such a struggle,look at who their role models are.

In chapter 3:1-5 the comment made about the youth of today being resentful of other people, parents and authority figures is very obvious to me and quite an eye opener.

Verse 22 says, enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts and pursue faith. Those folks are getter harder and harder to find and most peoples lives are so over booked and busy that they don't have time for others let alone their own families. And the comment that was made about old relationships, I feel that God is still working on those people and I still want to show them Christian love and be an example of Christ to them. If we gave up on them I don't feel that would be right, but I see your point about how they can drag you down to their level and sin.

The Proverbs verse mentions messengers for God. I feel their is a fine line between assoiciating with sinners so we can be good witnesses and give them the message of to stay in our comfort zones with those who call on the Lord with pure hearts. It puts in you in somewhat of a delimma.

Thank you so much for having this site available. I am doing these readings together with my children and we are having a great time. It is also helping us to stay focused by having something specific to read and think about each day. What stood out to me today was the way the people Jerimiah was talking to were acting--just like 2 Timothy 3:1-5 decribes. Prideful, lovers of themselves, scoffing at God, ungrateful. It is amazing how God would give them such clear warnings, and still they refused to change their ways and obey Him. But maybe we are not as different from them as we would like to think.... That is a good wake up call for me to keep in the word, and to use it for doctrine, instruction, reproof. Thanks again, Mike, for putting this site out there. It really is helpful for staying on track with daily reading and for getting some food for thought about each day's readings.

I just want to leave these thoughts with you, which sparked my desire to delight in and love the Lord. Then, from that place, obey from the spirit/Spirit.

Every situation in your life is about who you are becoming in Jesus.

You need to replace that “victim mindset”. “I am having a horrible time, but I am not a victim!” “I am not!” “I am not!”

“The word of the Lord to you is, ‘You are my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.’ ”

There is no end to His Goodness! There is no end to it. There is no end to His Kindness! He is relentless.

Commitment is who you are regardless of circumstances. Commitment is Who God is for you regardless of your circumstances! When you get that, it is like the doorway is thrown wide (open) into intimacy.

What is the one thing that stops me [from] being intimate with God? Me! My perception of myself. How I see myself in Jesus. He is not concerned about that. “I put you in Christ. You are acceptable. You are accepted in the Beloved.”

The reality is tough times are your biggest shortcut into the Presence of God. Take it!

Because if you are waiting for something good to happen so you can love Jesus deeply, you are going to walk the long way around.

See, the nature of God is the key to my life and my current dilemma.

The key to my life is not to get the right answer.

The key to my life and my current dilemma is to understand who God is for me now in what I am going through.

My question is,

“What is it You want to be for me—in my stupidity, in my lunacy, in my sin, in my ungraciousness. What is it You want to be for me now that You could not be at any other time?”

Because that is His gift to you.

I have to swap one mindset for another.


I've just this week found this website, so many to choose from and I picked this one. Thanks Mike, may the Lord help me to maintain the discipline and faithfulness I need to read it every day over the next 12 months, and the next, and the.... The videos are fantastic as well, and great, insightful comments from the readers

"Follow anything that makes you want to do right. Pursue faith and love and peace, and enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts."

I 100% agree on having a community! It's important to be around other Christians, especially when you are a "newborn". If you just made your decision to accept Jesus in your heart, you really need direction. And sure, God does direct your steps, but it's good to be around other Christians, they to can help you. They've had the same struggles, they know what you're going through. I've seen it happen around me; people that are on fire for Jesus Christ when they first convert, but sadly they don't look for fellowship, come to church only on Sundaymorning and soon are lukewarm. That's not what God wants! Relationships in church are important, it teaches you how to deal with other personalities. In the world, when people are confronted with other people they don't level with, they will ignore eachother. In God's Kingdom, when people are confronted with other people they don't level with ... you think twice before you will ignore them. You come to learn that ignoring is not the way! In the world it's so easily done: ignore. But in church you are taught to look through the eyes of God, to love with God's love, to do what Jesus did ... which makes it possible for us to love eachother. The longer you're a Christian, the stronger you get and you can take it outside of church. Non-believers will see the difference in you, they will ask you about it ... or they don't and start talking about you ... which is fine, because God changed your heart and you will respond to it differently, in a way they didn't expect from you. My experience is that people won't come up to you and ask you "Hey, how do you get to be so different?". But that's my experience, it never happened to me. I do experience that a lot of people are watching me closely and I know that, if their pride wasn't so big, they would ask me about my life and how it is that I'm different. Same thing with relatives and the people I knew before I found Jesus ... they really see a difference in me, the peace I live in, I don't get upset over things, I smile all day, I'm humble, I have a modest life and yet: I have everything I need!! I know people wonder, I know they want to question me about it ... but their pride is too big. So all I do is live my life, be friendly to everybody (even when I know they talk behind my back), give them my love (God's love) and keep the door open for anyone. So when the time comes, when they can lower themselves for the Lord, they know they can always come to me. I know that they know why I'm different; I'm outspoken when it comes to my lifestyle ... everybody knows I walk in faith, in prayer and with the Word of God. I talk about it, I sent emails with messages and words from the Bible. The thing is; most people are scared to make a decision, they hold on to things from the world. They are bound by: Mammon, nicotine, alcohol etc. But I figure, as long as I keep the door open for everybody and live my life in Christ ... there comes a day that they will get it!!!

Made to worship- that's what it is all about. It's not just about the singing though it's a life! I just saw Facing the Giants last night and I saw many Christian messages throughout this film.

."If we win, we praise Him. If we lose, we praise Him."
2. Do everything for God and His glory.
3. Do your best, and leave the rest up to God.
4. God blesses the righteous and those who are in His will.
5. "Never give up. Never back down. Never lose faith."
6. Prayer changes things.
7. God supplies for our needs.
8. With God, all things are possible.
9. "Winning football games is too small a thing to live for."
10."We can't win football games if we don't play as a team."
11. The Bible can be applied to all aspects of life.

This was without a doubt one of neatest films I've ever seen and hope that all of you will try to watch it soon.

2Timothy 3:16-17
16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

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