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I also wondered what Ezekiel 46:20 meant.

Matthew Henry wrote, "Let them not pretend to sanctify the people with this holy flesh... or let not the people imagine that by touching those sacred things they were sanctified, and made any better or more acceptable to God. It should seem (from Hag 2:12) that there were those who had such a conceit...."


Reading these chapters in Ezekiel always mess with my head. The one mile square temple described in these chapters has never been built therefore it does describe the great temple of the future. What messes with my head is the detail given to the burnt offerings and sacrifices that the priests are to offer in the temple on behalf of the people. I have always believed that Jesus made the final sacrifice and His blood did away with the need for burnt offerings and sacrifices. I believe that in the final temple the throne on which Christ sits will replace the altar that was in the old temples on which offerings where made. I would love to hear comments from you and the others participating in this one year Bible study pertaining to the offerings in the new temple.

God Bless!
Patsy Ray

I also did not understand why the prince is offering sacrifices except that he is providing them. I remembered that in Saul one of the reasons he lost his kingship is because he tried to take on priestly
duties. What I did see in today's reading was the whole theme of riches. All that I have is because of God's mercy. In the Psalms it talks about how He teaches, He gives understanding, He directs, He turns my eyes from worthless things. Its my job to submit to His work in my life. The big thing is to trust in His goodness. All things He does is good, including any suffering I go through. Another way is to delight in HIM and not in those other things, like riches, or the body's evil desires. That's being self controlled, I think. Being motivated by the fact He came and died for me. It's HIS blood that makes me accepted. All my deeds are filthy rags. Its HIS blood. It's pretty humbling.

thanks for the continous update to help us read the bible . God is holy and the bible says without holiness we cant see God .we need to seek for divine grace from God to walk in holiness and everyday we need to strive to walk in holiness if our desire is to see our precious king Jesus in the throne of grace .But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: "Be holy, because I am holy. we can do all things but without holiness it will all be in vain. may God help us in all .

"Let them not pretent to sanctify the people with this holy flesh"
Holiness has began and is growing daily. We await the time when our flesh will be put to death, will be burried with all its uncleanness, aznd will come forth gloriously and arise to complete and perfect holiness in new, eternal life.
No one except God alone can separate the coruption of our nature from the nature itself. This will take place wholly by way of death in the resurrection. Then the nature which we now bear will arise and live forever, without original sin and completely separated and removed from it, as Job 19:26,27 asserts," I shall be covered by this skin, and in my flesh I shall see God; him I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold him."
In eternal life we shall have and keep precisely this soul, although without sin.
Heb.2:14-17 Eph.5:30 - see also righteousness - see also Renewal;Sanctification
Be blessed!

The woman's healing required two things: her touching the garment, and her faith. Jesus felt her touch the garment, because He felt the power drain from Him. The crowd was pressing against Him, yet that didn't drain His power. She had faith that if she touched His robe, she would be healed, and she was. Jesus could have healed her without touching her, as He did with the Centurion's servant; but for her, she had to touch something connected with Him.
You have helped me think about so many different things in ways I haven't thought of before. Thank You! LaDene

Ezekiel 46:20 in The Message reads, "...so that they won't have to do it in the outside courtyard and endanger the unprepared people out there with The Holy." This rendering makes it seem like this was established so as to protect those not prepared for God's holiness, so that God's wrath would not come upon them for being in the presence of His holiness without proper preparation...

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