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Why do you not post the you-tube videos anymore?

I was wondering the same thing. I really looked forward to starting the day with some praise music from You-tube. Yes, I know I could look it up for myself, but I guess I am lazy.

Apologies on not having YouTubes lately. My offline life has temporarily overtaken my online life, so I haven't had time to research YouTubes. Hopefully next week I will have more time again. Blessings! Mike

I was drawn to the Psalm 119 passage as well as you....such great words. In the Message version, David says he praises God 7 times a day...what a challenge that is to me. So many times I forget to even praise Him at all...

I, too, was fascinated by the beasts in Daniel 7 so I really appreciated the explanation as well as similarities with Daniel 2...and the links for more explanations are very much appreciated.

Thank you for the time you put into this- it is a real blessing.

P.S. Maybe you can have your readers submit their favorite YouTube Praise Music videos and it will save you some time!

I just looked up Chris Tomlin's Wonderful Maker recently and that one was powerful.... : )

This was the greatest insight - question for the day:" Was Jesus a sincere person?"
A sincere person is not double-minded or deceitful. When a person is sincere, there will be agreement between heart and tongue.
Here are some of the answers to this question: Yes, indeed it is a very deep question - and the readings will help to answer that question.
John 14:6,- John 8:24,- Luke 11:23,- John5:24 and John 10:27-29.
If you can find more readings, you are very blessed.

Mike, Mike, Mike...Where has your blog been? Why didn't I find this sooner? How long have you been at this? I pray I can find the same "sticktuitiveness" (as my wife says) at my sites just as you seem to have with yours.

Insightful? Yes! You have the most insightful One Year Bible plan I have ever seen.

Daniel is one of my favorite books, as is Revelations...Which is why I am so glad I found your blog just before December. Prophecy was actually my first love as far as studies go, but life has been really taking me for a ride and distracting me from my calling. So I will not only pray that God continually bless you and your site, but that He will also help me and those who come to your blog grow in our faith as we come to your blog.

God bless you, Mike.

Below is my blog. Just started it out. If you have any tips, please feel free to email me.


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