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woo how is we can be busy in christmas with bring gifts ,especial food decorating tree ,santa claus taht we forgot that at this season we had to be silent and still and and reflect on this baby in manger ,he came from the spirit of god without a dad and leaving the glory at haeven and all this onlty to take the punishment from me and return our relationship with the god father how wonderful and unbelievable of what happen this time a lot of people by their mind cannot understand how god come to the earth in flesh i think we have to just believe that god so much loved the his dearest people that he send his only begotten son to earth to redeem us from sin praise the lord it is th emost expensive gift we had from the baby jesus christ . amin
we had to be aware of false prophets we can do so only by keep our relaion with god very strong and all the time .

I ring the bell every year since 2000, for the Salvation Army. I see how people are so busy and caught up in the season. But i am happy to know that most think about the less fortunate and give.

I don't like the photo of the people eating a meal which related to the concept of inviting people home.
Did you notice that ALL the (Asian) men are seated and eating, and the (Asian) women are standing and eating? Looks like a sexist photo, not to be emulated. Women take a back seat in countries like that....It is not a good example photo. I certainly don't want celebrations in my home to look like that, with the men seated and eating, and the women standing and eating.


Pamela--interesting observation on the photo. Good eyes! I didn't even notice it! I'm sure it slipped by Mike too, but I can see your point.

On another note, I love David's heart as revealed in the psalms. He had a heart totally sold out to God and did not shrink from hard tasks--like self-examination:

Psalm 141:5 Let a righteous man strike me--it is a kindness; let him rebuke me--it is oil for my head; let my head not refuse it.

I am very sensitive to all criticism--even helpful criticism comes hard for me because I have a tendency toward perfectionism. David's posture is a great one to emulate. If criticism is coming from a righteous person, Lord help me to keep my ears and heart open and teachable!

And the reverse should be true as well---help me to reject criticism from the unrighteous. This too can be a snare. If I am manipulated by fear of others' opinions or pulled all over the place by everyone's "input" that's a dangerous place to be as well.

Of course, sorting out all this can be tricky in real life. Opinions come from so many sources. But, I think that if we keep the Lord as center, He will help us discern these things...

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