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Well, this certainly is unusual. I don't think I have ever come here with absolutely no comments made. I always start my day with good morning to God and a nice chat before I get out of bed. Then I pray, get up and get my coffee or tea and return to my bed where I read my one year bible, praying for the Holy Spirit to focus my mind on what He has for me this day. I also read devotionals from Our Daily Bread and In Touch. Later in the day I receive some more devotionals online. I try to have more of God and His Word in the evening also. I guess what I need and of course think everybody else does to is more of Jesus. He is my everything and I love Him.
Thanks Mike and Merry Christmas. Love in Christ, Karen

The verses of Psalm 143 are invigorating to me as they assure me of Abba's love and concern for the security and safety of every member of my household. Thanks for your obedience to God in sharing the Bread of Life, be replenished. Merry Christmas to you and to all the participants.

I am so blessed by all the hard work you do here Mike, thank you.
I read my One Year Bible first thing in the morning, then pop online to your site while it is all still fresh in my mind then to rbc.org site which has Our Daily Bread & Utmost for His Highest there.
It is a great way to start the day. I also have some daily scripture sent to my email to keep me grounded during the day when I take breaks at work.
I have learned so much by your blog & the comments made, thank you.
May all of you have a wonderful Christmas!

Revelation 15:3, is the song of "Moses and the son gof the Lamb," --victory over all enemies to salvation, sin, Hades and death, as proclaimed in Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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