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I am a 75 year old gramma and not too tecky on computer stuff. But I enjoy this site every morning as I read through God's word each year. It is new every morning. God Bless this ministry.

I missed several days of reading because of first one reason or another. I was up to date until that time. I have tried to go back to those days in November to get caught up; but the calendar will not change from December. I am not sure what day I stopped on. I wanted to read straight through today to get caught up. Can you tell me how to go back to the last weeks of November?

I don't know about everyone else; but these last two Ezekiel and Daniel have been hard to bare. I have always wondered at the graphics you use and wondered how you were able to find them; but these past few have been very disturbing to me. I also got upset at reading about God telling people to eat human flesh and drink human blood. I have never, never seen this before. I even wrote to my pastor and he had no answer.

Hi Pat,
to get to November, scroll down past the December dates and other things, and you'll come to "Archives" with all the previous months - including November.
God bless

Todays Verses and insight are also found in:
Luke 18:27 - "all things are possible"-
In Prov. 20:2-4 - "I will direct your steps," - In Phil.4:13 - "You can do all things" and in Phil 4:19, - "I will supply all your needs."

In the depth of your heart you will know, that the Lord will not let your foot stumble.
Indeed, the Lord is by your side to protect you. It means, He will watch over your coming and going, right now and forevermore. The Lord will show us the path we should walk through and it will lead us to untapped potentials within us, and it will bring us to new places. Therefore, you may go safely into the unknown tomorrow, unknown means - you may not know what it holds for you, but if you know God's Word, you know whatit holds for you, because the Lord will not let your foot slip. Just take with you the Lord; He is your shade of your right hand. He will be there to help you. Remember, the Lord will keep you from all harm; He will watch over your life. Therefore, the Lord is present with you right now at this moment, in the place where you find yourself, while you read this comment.
We should remember Psalm 212 Vers 3,5, 7,8 and we will be blessed.

Hey Mike, thanks so much for your blog. I've been using the One Year Bible for a couple of years now, but when I don't have my hard copy at hand, I have your site bookmarked at the top of my browser where you're just a click away. I especially enjoyed your comments about Daniel's prayer--it reminded me as Ezekiel wrote that God is looking for a man to stand in the gap. Thanks for helping me to be a prayer warrior!


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