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Evelyn, good to hear from you and know that you are walking with me as we trek through Leviticus!

Mike, thank you for summarizing the types of offerings (ala the NIV study Bible). It helps me wrap my mind around things when I am swimming through "the blood and bulls" ; )

My husband and I are reading through this plan together this year--which has been such a blessing already, even if we stopped reading today. Anyway, we were talking last night and he was commenting that to him it's odd how the Lord sees every sparrow that falls to the ground and that He also somehow found the burning of these animal sacrifices as "a pleasing aroma." Of course, we realize it's more complex than the physical sacrifices themselves, that the Lord was concerned with the heart of His people to seek Him, but it is weird all the same!

For me, Leviticus brings to mind our recent studies of South American cultures--the Aztecs and Incas particularly and their bloody evil sacrifices. Of course, I am IN NO WAY suggesting that the Lord approved or was anything but disgusted by any of that...but I know that the pagan cultures around Israel did these detestable things too. It's all just weird to me...any kind of sacrifice.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is a HUGE disconnect for me when we start talking about butchering up animals and burning them.

Just being honest here, as I plod through ; )

Wow, what a great read today. I sure appreciate it Mike you leading us through the readings like this. Leviticus is hard to understand ( IMO) and I appreciate you commentary and input. What really hit me in the readings today came out of Psalm 36: 7 which says " How exquisite, your love, Oh God! How eager we are to run under your wings." As a person that visualizes I so love the picture that comes with these words. I've been blessed by them today!!!! Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Thank you for your great care in making sure we realize the value of paying attention to Leviticus and learning the discipline to go through it. What an amazing resource oneyearbibleblog.com is; thank you so much!

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