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Leviticus and Numbers are the two books of the Bible that I have to actually force myself to read and not just scan over the words. Each time I read Leviticus it makes me feel so blessed that I was born after Christ walked on earth and died for my sins and not before. I think about how during the days of Moses only Moses and the priests actually had access to God and the people were forbidden from entering the Most Holy place in the tabernacle or contacting God directly. I think about all the rules and regulations surrounding animal and grain sacrifices and how simple Jesus made it all for us. He did away not with the Commandments given by God but with all these sacrificial rituals. Jesus made it possible for people to bond with God on a personal level. I feel so blessed to be a Christian and know Christ as my Lord and Savior. I feel so blessed that He was willing to suffer and die with my sins on His shoulders just so all I need to do it enter the Kingdom is to love Him with all my heart and accept Him as my savior. Praise the Lord!

God Bless,


Just checking in...

Patsy, I agree. There is MUCH to thank God for--particularly our instant and intimate access to the Father. Leviticus showcases a people distant from their God--who must approach Him meticulously. I thank God that He gives us grace to access His throne boldly! I worry that I sometimes take this access too much for granted.

I have been plugging away through the Bible.org commentary, which has been very helpful. So far I have read about the first three offerings:


I've particularly enjoyed Deffinbaugh's thoughts on the peace offering and how he believes it involved more of a festive meal than the other two offerings thus mentioned. Here's his closing comment on that article:

"The dinner table has become much more secular to us than it ever was to the people of earlier times. I suspect that some of this is due to the pace of our lives, and to the instant “TV” dinners, which are eaten before the TV, rather than at the table, or which are gulped down at a “fast food” chain outlet. How much we can make of the meal table is suggested by the Peace Offering meal of the Old Testament, and by the Lord’s Table of the New. May God enable us to make more of the meal table, and to meditate more on the peace which Christ has won for us on the cross." -Deffinbaugh

I agree with him...think that we have lost a lot of the fellowship and sense of community in our modern day meals. We feed our bodies, but do we feed our spirits with the company of our loved ones and appreciation of God's gifts of abundance? Do we reflect frequently and deeply on the great peace He has made available to us?

Just reflecting,

Thanks Mike for posting that beautiful song! It moved me to tears!

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