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I think that people who perform "staff" work should be compensated in some sort of order of preference. The secretary/office manager, the treasurer, and the worship leader are some of the more important positions because they require weekly (at least) work, while other people usually work for a while and then take some time off.

Hello Mike and Everyone,

Interesting question today with regard to compensation for folks in the ministry. I don't "begrudge" paying anyone for their work in the ministry--it's certainly hard and worthwhile work!

I do think it can muddy motives in certain situations and that concerns me a little. For example, our Children's Ministry offers a stipend for certain leadership positions. Children's Ministry is notorious for being labor intensive and difficult to retain volunteers. BUT, I think that people should be moved by their HEART to serve the Lord in this capacity--feel like the stipend (though paltry) can muddy the intent of one's heart. Just my impressions here...not trying to start a debate! : )

On another note, I am working diligently to better understand Leviticus. My husband and I have been commenting on the physical realities of all these animal sacrifices--so much blood and fire. Yuck--the place must have stunk! (not trying to be irreverent, just thinking about what it would be like to spread that blood over the sides of the altar, on the curtain, poured at the base....all that fat and burning)

I have found several comments worthwhile in my commentaries/bible.org reading with regard to Leviticus--here are some of them:

I have been enjoying reflecting on the facets of "the diamond" of Christ as our sacrifice....

"God has devoted much space in His Word to the offerings and their ordinances because they are important to Him. Here in beautiful imagery the Person and work of His Son can be seen in minute detail. Like the different facets of a diamond, these types all reflect the resplendent glory of Him "who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God" (Heb_9:14)."
-Believer's Bible Commentary

I like this thought below about "newness"---God longs to keep our relationship and dependence on Him a "fresh" and "new" thing---reminds me of His philosophy with manna too:

"Anything remaining after two days had to be burned (v. 17); to eat such meat would cause the person to be "cut off," meaning excommunicated or removed from the privileges of the people of Israel. "This shows," John Reid writes, "that communion with God must be fresh and not too far removed from the work of the altar."

-Believer's Bible Commentary


Great point here by Deffinbaugh---in our culture, we'd rather debate and take a consensus vote to determine what is sinful--but that's not the point!:

"Sin is that which God defines as evil.
Some have tried to show a good reason for every prohibition. For example, they would try to demonstrate that the “unclean” foods of the Bible were those which would be detrimental to a society which had no refrigeration, or whatever. I think this misses the point. Sin is whatever God says is sin, whether or not we have a good explanation for why it is evil. Obedience is best evidenced by our willingness to do something which we would rather not do, for reasons we don’t understand, simply because God says so. Some sins of the Old Testament are arbitrary, in my opinion, and purposefully so, to teach the people of God to trust and to obey a God whose thoughts are higher than the thoughts of men."

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