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Hello Everyone,

One thing I love about David's psalms is that through them I can sense his heart for God AND his own struggles to reconcile that love/faith with his turbulent emotions:

"Sorrow floods my heart,

when I remember

leading the worshipers

to your house. I can still

hear them shout

their joyful praises.

Why am I discouraged?

Why am I restless?

I trust you!

-Psalm 40:4-5

It's odd how you can trust God in your head and yet struggle with fear and discouragement. I think He delights when we bring our whole self to Him and lay it before Him--fears, worries, trust, faith, hopes. So glad He is big enough for all that ; )

Hello Again,

About correction. Actually, I think I am fairly "correctable," but I struggle with the opposite. I struggle with being over-sensitive to correction or influence by the approval/opinion of men. I am prone to second-guess myself and over-analyze while struggling for excellence.

I imagine most people are of one ilk or the other---they either can't see their weaknesses and mistakes even when they are bludgeoned over the head with them OR they are sensitive to the point where they must be careful to keep their eyes on the approval of God and the grace of Christ, not on the approval of man or some kind of self-perfection.

I like simplicity of the Contemporary English Version here (though it misses the implications of leading others astray):

"Accept correction,

and you will find life;

reject correction,

and you will miss the road."

Proverbs 10:17

"Missing the road" is a great metaphor because it teases out the long-term reality of a stubborn spirit. When we miss the road, not only are we NOT on the right road, but we are cruising down the wrong one. It is a bad decision that progressively opens the door to further wrong decisions....

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