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I followed the link over to the article on Jewish feasts this morning (Curtis's "the Lord's Appointed Times) Interesting reading. He makes a case that the OT celebrations line up thematically with the message of the NT and suggests that we consider incorporating them (not under the law, but as a way of recalling to mind the tenants of our faith and teaching our children these).

I don't know if I'm rushing out to celebrate the Jewish holidays this year, but I will mull this over some more. Especially since Passover is close to Easter this year... It may be nice to celebrate this feast with our children--to connect it to the Last Supper & our deliverance through Christ from slavery to sin. All in all, the article was good food for thought.

I particularly liked his point that many aspects of these holidays are sensory and object lessons that communicate spiritual truths in tangible ways---especially to children.

Curtis also helped me to understand the Jewish calendar a little better:

"The Jewish Calendar, however, is based on the relative motion of both the moon and the sun. It is, therefore, called a luni-solar calendar. Since it is based on the moon, the first of every month coincides with a new moon and the fifteenth of every month coincides with a full moon. In other words, each month is defined by the phases of the moon. The Jewish Calendar keeps the months and their respective seasons together by the insertion of leap months. This means that most years have twelve months, but some have thirteen. The whole system has a nineteen-year cycle. It is more accurate than our solar calendar, but it’s more difficult to follow. The Jewish calendar does not mark the first day of spring, summer, fall, or winter. The primary markers in the Jewish Calendar are the holidays." -Donald Curtis

Looking back on my life I see clearly that the Lord has blessed me in spite of the decisions and courses of action that I have chosen.

Before I accepted the Lord I lived a very foolish life, utterly lost, reveling in ignorance and self-destruction. Not mean-spirited or even necessarily selfish, sometimes I think decidedly selfless, but just utterly ignorant and unbound. Almost as if I were convulsing in the throes of death and urging it on, yet completely deceived at that present time of the death that I was welcoming, encouraging and proliferating. Why would the Lord reach in at His peril and pull me out of this? Why me and not others?

After accepting the Lord and since then slowly but increasingly seeking His will for my life, I still make many mistakes in judgment but He is ever faithful and lovingly corrects me and prospers me in spite of my continued ignorance and lack of faith; mostly with good intent and yet still sometimes not.

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