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It's so true that Jesus "embodied" holiness! When we abide in Jesus, we are holy too.

Today's readings in Matthew today do remind me of Communion at my church. Communion to me is always important, as it's not only a positive remembrance , but also a time of reflection for me personally.

Mike, thanks for posting the song "Sea of Faces". I have never heard of it, but I love it. Such a meaningful song!


Our church celebrates communion only periodically. I have mixed feelings about this and would like to celebrate communion more frequently.

On the other hand, I have attended churches where communion is celebrated weekly, but it becomes so commonplace that it feels like "going through the motions" after awhile.

Ideally, I think it is a touchstone that should bring us back to the heart of our faith--His sacrifice. It should also give us pause to examine our own hearts.

Just my two cents,

I have a question. The 12 stones on Aaron's tunic, do they represent what we consider our birth stones?

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