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I became a grandmother in March, blessed by a baby girl born to our oldest son and daughter-in-law. Going to war in the OT part of our reading made me think of Jesus asking the disciples to follow Him. They could not have their hearts on earthly homes and serve the Lord. He is priority. I thought about our own daily struggle with this. If you decide, you can fight the war, otherwise we are lukewarm. The captain of the army told them to go back home if it was more important to them. I don't like what Jesus says about Lukewarm in Revelation, when I am in a season of undecided, wishy-washy, the rut of the tyranny of the urgent, etc. My peace is found at the feet of Jesus.

Hello All,

The past three months of reading have been good. It's been awhile since I've read the first part of the OT consecutively and intentionally. Reading at such a fast pace is helpful in getting a broader view of God's big plan.

The law has been more cumbersome for me than in prior readings, but the Israelites' broader journey through the wilderness has been rich in life lessons.

I'm looking forward to moving into Joshua and Judges,

I have really enjoyed being in God's word the last four months and look forward to the next 8 months. I have to say that the OT is very convicting and heavy. I have to keep reminding myself of God's grace vs. the law.

I have also found that if I read Proverbs first, Psalms second, the NT third and the OT last it helps me to be able to focus more on the Psalms and Proverbs. There is so much going on in the NT & OT stories that my mind often lingers there.

What a wonderful journey! Thank you for this blog, it is a great resource and blessing! I also enjoy the emails you send out on the weekends with the questions for reflection.

Denise: Interesting insight about reading the psalms and proverbs first....I'll have to try that!

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