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I love what you say about how our sin keeps us out of the promised land. I am reading an excellent book right now that makes this point. I recommend it to anyone who feels like, though they have been a Christian for a while, they just don't seem to have real victory in their lives. This book goes into some major reasons why and how to overcome them.

The book is called Maximized Manhood by Edwin Louis Cole.

Hello Everyone,

I agree with you Mike about the wandering being an understatement and the insidious nature and lure of sin.

Along those lines, I like this quote from my Key Word commentary this morning:

"Let no man think to kill sin with few, easy, or gentle strokes." -John Owen

In the devotion I'm reading with the children, it describes sin as weeds that spring up in our hearts:

"The seeds of sin are in our hearts. And they keep coming up. Jesus forgives our sins when we ask Him every day, but the next day we sin again. Even if we have new hearts, the seeds of sin still try to grow. So we cannot be good all the time.

It is very sad. We should always want to live for God and praise Him, but we cannot. Sometimes we do not even want to. That is the worst of all the weed seeds." -Leading Little Ones to God

Always fighting the battle here...trying to get around the hills of Seir...plucking the weeds over and over and over....

I like this thought from the Key Commentary too though:

"7. Key thing to look out for
God's plans are never permanently thwarted by human disobedience."

Amen! So be it, dear Lord.

I think there's a wealth of difference between arrogantly judging and rightfully discerning and speaking out about what is false or sinful, whether in someone's life, or in pulpit teaching. If we don't "judge" properly, then sin will abound within the church as well as without and that would be bad.

I was convicted by the verse where Jesus states that the measure with which you give, is the measure which will be used to give to you, which hits me hard as while I tithe, I'm utterly miserly in the rest of my giving, preferring to see a nice healthy increasing bank balance (the old saving for a rainy day that's got a bit skewed!). So I'm repenting of that attitude right now, and praying I can be a cheerful giver without concern of what's left over for me, knowing that everything I have comes from Him alone and I can't take it with me!!

Blesssings, Romayne

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