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Yes it is very interesting that Jesus, who is the Provider of all we need, allowed Himself in His humanity to be materially provided for by this circle of friends. Speaks to the issue of supporting those who have been set apart vocationally for the work of advancing the kingdom of God, and that it's not a 'beggarly' thing to receive support from people because even Jesus set a pattern for this in his itinerant ministry.

Today I saw how Jesus used scripture to direct and guide his life. In Deuteronomy 8:3, Moses instructed the Israelites

"man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD".

During Jesus' temptation, he used these verses (Matt 4:4, Luke 4:4) to guide his correct thinking about the the reality we live in. He rebuked Satan while he was being tempted because he understood and saw a greater reality based on God's revealed truth. He knew God would provide for his every need, and that he could trust God to provide that need in his perfect timing.

My typical response to events of life is so different than how Jesus responded, and I need to change that. I realized that Jesus KNEW God's word (or course, he IS God's Living Word). Likewise I need to know God's Word, and allow it to change me so I will respond to life's trials in a godly way. The more I meditate on God's truth, I, like Jesus, will begin to respond to that truth, that reality, in a way that pleases my Savior.

Lord, thank you for the goodness you have revealed in Christ.

I must admit that I do not say grace at every meal time. Having said that, a day does not pass that I do not give thanks to the Lord for all He has done for me and all he has provided. We must be careful that saying grace before or after meals isn't taught as doctrine, or that we are not good Christians if we fail to say grace. I love praising and thanking God, but not just at meal time. It is a good practice and I am not discouraging it at all, but it is not a sin to forget to say grace.


Hello Everyone,

I grew up as Catholic in the North and we had a rote prayer before meals that was disconnected from any relationship or real conversation with the Lord. I didn't know the Lord then.

Interesting that the Lord has moved me to the South where we say "Grace" (a foreign expression my family never used). I am not a big "rote" prayer person and do not pray with our children before bedtime (which I sometimes feel guilty about, but I just can't seem to get into praying before bedtime...my best prayer time has always been in the morning).

Our prayers before meals are actually quite nice though and seem to have a naturalness about them. We use them as an opportunity to pray for family, friends, whoever comes to mind.

For us as a family, I think the key has been to remember to pray whenever the occasion arises and to fold prayer into our days in a natural way.

Enjoyed everyone's comments today. The Lord is teaching me a lot in Deuteronomy 7 & 8!

Today, Deuteronomy 8, really stood out, because I finally started to notice that when I pray in times of good fortune, I tend to ask for more then just thanking him for the position in which I am. This message, for many reasons, is a wake up call to me.

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