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I just wanted to say that this is my first experience with the reading the Bible in one year, and I AM in AWE!! I have wanted to speak out on so many days so far this year , but today I must!! I want to thank God for using you for this experience for anyone!! I have struggled much with seeds landing in the wrong place, but today this minute, I want to PRAISE GOD for I know in my heart that I am in a field of good soil here with you guys, I am so blessed to be here, on the days I can't be here, I always catch up on every day i have missed.I just want to thank you and celebrate that today I know I am feeling a sprout of a root that I have never experienced before in Gods Word, I know there is alot that goes over my head, but I know He will bring to life to me when He sees fit. I just want to Thank You all. This site takes me to a favorite song of mine, Word of God speak!!! because God is in this place!!! Its an honor to be hooked, lined, and sinkered with you and your insights.

Hello Everyone,

Lisa, thanks for sharing your joy with us today. Praise God for the "sprout of a root" you are experiencing in His Word. His Word is so good and absolutely inexhaustible--it's such a gift!! It's encouraging to know that you are in the journey with me and so many others...

Today, I really enjoyed this paragraph from Bob Deffinbaugh's commentary on the Parable of the Sower. It gave me a new angle on what Jesus was getting at here:

"When I have taught this text before I have spent considerable time attempting to answer the question, “Which of the four types of soil represent those who are saved?” I am now inclined to approach this parable differently. I believe that the first soil represents those who are lost, and that the fourth soil represents those who are saved, but I do not believe that the Lord’s purpose in telling the parable is to distinguish between believers and unbelievers. There is only one kind of soil which attains the goal. The goal which our Lord holds out in this parable is not that of being saved, but that of reaching full maturity and of bearing fruit. Someone might argue that a “rocky soil” person or a “thorny soil” person is a true believer, but our Lord would have us understand that they have not reached the goal for which they were saved. We are saved, not only to escape divine wrath and to live forever in heaven, but to attain to the “fullness of the stature of Christ” (Eph. 4:13) and to bear fruit (John 15:5)."
-Bob Deffinbaugh

Great point---the goal is maturity, not just salvation. I also have been thinking about those weeds...how they grow up so strong and quick in my literal garden and in my own life. It seems like there have been many cautions lately in His Word--to be diligent--to really listen--to hear Him,

I participated with our church a couple of years ago and read the entire Bible in 90 days. I am not a super reader and very slow. It was soooo tough but what a reward it was for sure.

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