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I grew up listening to Christian music. Of course I picked up bits of secular music here and there, but for the most part I was only allowed to listen to Christian music. When I started college a couple years ago I started listening to all kinds of secular music because I was on my own and could do what I wanted. I became addicted to gothic music (various genres including rock, metal, electronic, industrial, etc.) and it started dictating my life. I always had music playing in my head, and most of the time it contributed to me being depressed. This past week I re-dedicated my life to Jesus and my desire for that kind of music is gone! I've been listening to a lot of music that I used to listen to in church as a kid and it's done so much to lift my spirits. I've never really been into much Christian rock, because as my mom says, "it's too close to secular music." But I do understand how that kind of music could be beneficial for some people for the same reason.

IMHO when I read about people separating themselves from secular music it reminds me too much of the Pharisees, separating themselves as the clean from the unclean. As Christians we need to hear other people's stories and listen to their hearts, patterning our ways after Jesus, who always wanted to get down to the heart of the matter. And music is an expression of where an artist's heart is at.

I like your new large font. Its easier to read. I am visually impaired.Keep this up

I have to say I had a somewhat similar experience to Mike when I discovered a (hyper)charismatic church in my 20s and found it so much more lively and enjoyable than the "dull" boring staid Methodism I was used to. However, 30 years on and a lot of other churches since, I've changed my mind on it. I too really love "boppy" music and the louder/faster the better, but when I came across a song with a tune I adored but lyrics of "Yay God" I just thought - if you were to meet God face to face there's just NO way you'd turn to him and say "Yay God", and that was when I changed my attitude. I do still enjoy some faster beats but the lyrics are now much more important to me. I no longer want to sing songs that sound so secular you can't tell the difference (& I enjoy many secular songs), nor do I want "soppy love songs" - I want songs about GOD, not about me, and I think we need to remember just Who our Awesome God truly Is - worship Him in SPirit and Truth, not rock & roll :)).

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