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Do not bear false witness is not the same as do not lie althought the spirit is the same. False testimony is intended to do harm, to produce a wrong result for another person. Lies are wrong and falsehood is evil but may not be more evil than another outcome. Lies are sometimes matters of silence more than of speech, the sin of omission applies surely, and few could claim to always avoid it, and many would happily support such "untruth" in a better cause. Ethically we rarely choose between good and evil only betwen better and worse; surely the use of a lie (spoken or silent) may well be right as the better option? YIHS Michael

I wrote a blog post on the whole issue of lying, where I stated that (IMHO) lies are the root of all evil more so than the love of money, because they stem from the Liar himself and even "white lies" are ultimately deceptions, regardless of how we try and dress them up. The sad thing is that the best of us do it and therein lies (pardon the pun) the measure of us - to be able to be honest no matter what the cost, is the greatest gift I think you can give to your fellow man. However, I'm also reminded of Rahab who openly lied in order to save the spies, and I'm sure many throughout the ages have done similarly, and yet I have to wonder if it can ever be truly justified for us. I think too though that if we lie about small things, it is an indication of how easily we will lie about much more important issues. Food for thought perhaps. Blessings, TKR.

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