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Joshua 24:1-33

Every year that I have gone on this journey, I am always amazed at the things that stand out to me. Although I have gone on a read-thorough-the-Bible-journey over thirty times, I am amazed at the things that I constantly uncover. Things that were there all the time, things that on my first journey I either chose not to see or could not see things that I have read before but now am just discovering. God’s Word is ever pregnant birthing new thoughts and new perspectives.

Joshua said to all the people, Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, Your fathers dwelt in olden times beyond the Euphrates River, including Terah the father of Abraham and Nahor, and they served other gods. And I took your father Abraham from beyond the Euphrates River and led him through all the land of Canaan and multiplied his offspring. I gave him Isaac, (Joshua 24:2-3 AMP).

In the midst of my depravity, God called me out from those who worshiped gods that were not God, just like He did Abraham. Called out from the midst of depraved influences, God incubated Abraham in the comfort of His womb. The womb He had provided, Cannon, to give birth to His people, His Word by way of the Law, His Words through the Prophets, and finally, His Word, Jesus Christ. Then, as stated in the fourth verse of this chapter, they were sent down to Egypt, “And I gave to Isaac Jacob and Esau. And I gave to Esau the hill country of Seir to possess, but Jacob and his children went down to Egypt.” (Joshua 24:4 AMP)

For some strange reason I have gotten stuck with and am drawn to the history of mathematics. I am currently reading a book called, Mathematics for the Million: How to Master the Magic of Numbers by Lancelot Hogben. This is my second book on numbers having read Isaac Asimov’s humorous book, The Realm of Numbers. I’m not sure the purpose of my sudden fascination with books like this, but I have learned that besides working through problems that presented themselves in the ancient world, the learned priests elevated the art of numbers, specifically Geometry to a priestly endeavor. All the work of the Babylonians and the Egyptians laid the foundation for every current young scholar’s (grades 1 through 12, and up) nightmare or dream in the handling of numbers; they also laid down the groundwork for the building of Temples, pyramids, etc.

Abraham and his descendents, having no use for numbers, other than counting his sheep, cattle and other such stuff, was a nomad. But down in Egypt where geometry (geo – earth; metry – measuring—where we get the word meter) would be used to calculate the “plumb” line needed to create and measure “right” angles to successfully build its temples, Israel would get math lessons needed to build up the country God had Promised her, in Egypt. I may be called far from my Promise to learn something, you may be called into situations that may become “slavery” for God’s purpose to build His Kingdom upon the earth.

And He made from one [common origin, one source, one blood] all nations of men to settle on the face of the earth, having definitely determined [their] allotted periods of time and the fixed boundaries of their habitation (their settlements, lands, and abodes), So that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel after Him and find Him, although He is not far from each one of us.
(Acts 17:26-27 AMP)

it's not just 'attending church' that makes you wise, it's ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING in the life of the Body of Christ that might make you wise. The operative word is 'actively participating' in the lives of others. That's what the many 'one another' exhortations area all about---church is about relationships not following prescribed rituals without the relational motivation. Just my two cents worth.

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