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I always enjoy reading Peter's denial. I think too often we read this from the perspective of Peter's failure; to do what he said that he would do, die for Jesus. But I see great victory here for Peter. Where were the other eleven. One had betrayed the Lord and was soon to hang himself. The other ten fled as soon as Jesus was led away. Peter alone followed from a distance. I believe that he followed his Lord because he loved Him. Yes, he failed. Just as Jesus said that he would. But did Peter not do so much more than the others? And through his failure, Peter found humility and truth. Earlier, Peter had boated in pride and falsehood; that he would follow Jesus to the death. I believe that he found great truth, and strength through this truth, in knowing his weaknesses. His humility strengthened Peter, and from this humility and a better understanding of his shortcomings, I believe that Peter began his ministry to become the rock that Jesus said he would be. From humility and brokenness, he was released from the pride which earlier so quickly led Peter into misunderstandings of himself. Perhaps spiritual blindness based on pride had been crushed and now Peter could more fully see the Lord through his own weaknesses.

Good comment, Briggs. I agree wholeheartedly!

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