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I see traditions take the place of God's word literally every day .I personally have nothing against the Greek Orthodox church or any other denominations but when my loved ones only read what the priests write,do only what they say,keep icons representing saints as amulets which they call on for protection,when some of them think that the saints are the key to their salvation and bluntly refuse to believe what I read to them from the bible because it contradicts what their priests say then I have a problem.Yep I become outraged,I know that's not what Christ wants from me and I keep praying I stick to my part bringing the good news and leave judgement to God.
I know I'm going into the deep end here but this subject to me is sensitive.Jesus came and humbled himself,Paul and the rest of the disciple didn't try to exault themselves,they came to serve.There are denominations where the "leaders" are really exaulted...even given names like "most holy" so "holy" that they come up with doctrines that contradict what Jesus had ordained.Now as Christians,followers of Christ,how can you follow some one you don't obey?I posed this question to all my relatives..."I am a christian,I need to follow Jesus so I need to know the rules right from the word of God .Tell me who do you follow in reality as you have no idea what's written in the bible".Please bear with me while I say one last thing.Easter eggs are painted red in monasteries and are eaten after chanting "Christ has risen,in deed He has risen"..these come from the teachings that Mary the mother of Jesus had eggs with her and the blood of Jesus splashed on them.!!!.. When I tell the believers of this that's it's not in the bible they say I am not being faithful to the "righteous faith"!
I think the consequences of what Gideon did was felt by Israel...I see the fruits that tradition has borne her.. they're sad and ugly...
not every Christian is a disciple.Not every one who Jesus healed came back to thank Him,not everyone who gets saved follows Christ.Of all the 11 disciples and others that the women told about Christ's ressurection only Peter ran out..followers hmm.May we all christians truly be disciples.
God bless you all

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