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Hello Everyone,

Just a couple of honest reactions to today's reading for whatever they are worth.

1. Deuteronomy 22:5-12 strikes me as a particularly bizarre combination of rules---don't dress like the other gender, don't mix seed types, don't mix linen and wool, wear tassles.... Although I know I am free from this law, and I know it is about maintaining purity/separateness from the surrounding pagan cultures, it confuses me to try and think through this. Can we apply one piece (gender appropriate clothing) and ignore the other (mixing seeds, wearing clothes with mixed garments). I guess I just struggle with whether to just overlook the whole of it as obsolete or how to sift and sort all the heaviness of it all.

The God of the OT is the God of the OT, but sometimes I struggle to reconcile the two. He cares for sparrows, yet calls for the breaking of a heifer's neck near a stream...

2. In Luke 9, I always struggle with Christ's comment:

"Leave the dead to bury their own dead. But as for you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God." -Luke 9: 60

I've read various commentaries on this passage in the past and understand that Jesus was not heartless, but wanted his followers to not procrastinate and count the cost....but, I still wonder exactly what it means to "go and proclaim the Kingdom of God" Should I be out on our downtown streets evangelizing? Is that enough? Should I be forever on the hunt to "slip Jesus into a conversation"? Should I be inviting all of my friends and neighbors to church regularly? I always feel this pressure to do more.....yet I also don't like feeling "pushy" or like I am treating people like a project.

Just honest ramblings here,

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