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I love Luke 10:21!!...my pastor talked about it once and it just blessed my heart!! Jesus saw the excitement of the 70 and it rejoiced Him. He thanked God for hiding these things from the proud, wise-in-their-own eyes ppl, but revealed knowledge to the simple, childlike. I cant explain it, but that verse just blesses me.
Interesting Jesus used a Samaritan in his example as the 'good guy' bcos Jews and Samaritans didnt get along or have dealings with each other.
Of course I know where my citizenship is.. I know all true believers have that deep down LONGING in their soul to be Home...this deep feeling in our soul that it doesnt belong here, that Homesickness we feel. Its like my soul just groans to be where my citizenship is!
Det 25:11-12, haha! remind me never to defend my husband in a fight.

I don't usually like to post negative comments, but your comments on work seem to deal only with work outside of the home. What about people who work in the home? I think what they do is very beneficial, and I don't think they are harmed by being able to do what they want. I think the family really benefits by someone staying home and doing the housework. I may be misinterpreting what you mean, and if that is true I am very sorry.

working inside the home is hard work , and filled with opportunity to minister and so many more things.

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