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I'm struck by the relationship between the OT and Gospel passages. Surely Martha felt that she was following the sort of precepts set in Deuteronomy, throwing herself into her work to do what is right and good for the Lord. But Mary was the one who truly "built an altar" to the Lord by sitting at his feet and listening. I read somewhere recently that as Christians, it's imperitive that we look at all of the Bible through the lens of the Gospels, and if we do so here, I think we see that the discipline imposed on the Israelites was not about the work that they did, but rather a tool designed to keep their minds and hearts centered on God above all.

My thoughts this morning on Luke 11: 1-13:

I love reading and saying the Lord’s Prayer in Luke 11:2-4. It is so simple and direct and gives us the role model for all our prayers – praise God first, ask for God to meet our needs next, ask for forgiveness of our sins and ask God to give us the ability to forgive others, and finally to ask God for the strenth and wisdom to face and overcome the temptations that life and Satan lay on our doorstep.

However, I also love the scriptures that follow in 11:5-13. I refer to these scriptures often. It teaches us to be persistent and keeping on praying for the things we need and want but be patient and not expect instant miracles. God is going to answer our prayers but in His own way, in His time frame, and in the manner that He knows is best for us in the long term. I think many times when we pray we have the tendency to tell God what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, instead of just putting it in God’s hands and letting Him take charge. We have to go to God in humble prayer knowing we don’t have all the answers but He does and He loves us that He will answer our prayers in a loving and protecting way.

I thank you precious Savior for reminding me again about these aspects of prayer!

God bless!

The Picture of Christ as they were nailing him to the cross is heart breaking, I mean I am greatful that He died on the cross for my sins, just makes me want to worship him and follow his commands.Although I am not perfect, to see such a wonderful sacrifice Jesus did makes me want to try and do more for those I come in contact with.

Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins, and showing me how I should live and treat my fellow man. Amen

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