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Yes, we are called to be obedient, and yes we know there are consequences for NOT being obedient. That being said, sometimes obedience comes with consequences too and I want to encourage you that if you are being obedient to God and His word and life is not perfect, you are not being punished. It is a lie from the enemy that will make you question if obeying God is worth the suffering you are going through. Let me assure you, it is. Take heart, be obedient, and press on!

Today's reading was pretty intense on the flipside of obedience. I read with some mourning knowing that parts of this curse are now found abundantly in every corner of the world now.

The blessing took so many fewer words to express than the curse and yet, I defy anyone to be discontent with a life such as the one blessed for obedience to God. It speaks to me on the way when you live obediently to the instructing of the Holy Spirit in your life, that living is not complicated. It is not some inane set of impossible rituals, but something you were created to do and do well.

I had a conversation with people last night who were the very example of what Christ spoke of with the people who are that radiant light. There is no corner in their lives not touched by the light of Christ and so they were an absolute joy just to sit and speak with over the absolute simplest of things in life that are made absolute joy by living a cornerless life.

It was convicting for me to remember that I may, in fact, live that life where everything is joy and everything is gain. Everything I survey is my inheritance, and everything that is cursed around me will fade away like a sneeze in the wind.

You mention about the dark corners of our lives, but the point in that statement was what He said about how the eye is the lamp of our lives - it's what we look at that taints our light, hence if we spend much of our day watching secular TV, soaps, and other such rubbish, it cuts into the light of your life. I never used to believe this to any degree, until I found myself often thinking over a plot in a soap to the point where I would end up thinking of nothing else for hours and even dreaming about it, or something in a film would play on my mind endlessly. It taught me that these things do go into our inner being in some way and Satan can use them to block out the light. Same with pornography obviously and other such media, and even just lustful looks at the opposite sex. All these things are of no value. When we "soak" ourselves in worship, scripture, and Christian films or media etc, we start to live more according to those values than the world's, hence our light is increased and shines out of us to those around us. I have to confess tho, that I'm still trying to overcome the temptation of one soap in particular, which may not be the worst, but is of no value to my life either, but it's tough :)).!!

Yes it is tough, I know this all to well. But recently my internet was shut off for lack of paymen. However that is not the problem, I am now able to get print outs or save stuff on a disc to access on my pc at home, what have I been saving , bible verses and stories that work to uplift me and help me think about and focus( I hope) more on God and what he wants me to think about and read. Now that I have been without it I hardly miss it.

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