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I appreciate you posting the "love your neighbour' link to the ministry of the Navigators. It was through the ministry of the Navigators at a Canadian university in 1974 that my wife and I first had a life changing encounter with Jesus.
I would recommend this ministry to anyone who is serious about not only studying the Bible, but being a person who 'lives' the scriptures and helps us to do the same.

I used to think you could watch most things on TV and did like many, justifying it to myself as "it's only a silly program" or some other excuse. But over the last decade or so, I've come to recognise that what you take into the eye stays in your soul!! When the time came that I found myself thinking constantly about certain soap storylines I knew it was time to quit watching them. I still do watch an odd one here and there, but am much more aware now of the need to be careful about what I allow myself to see and hear. Sadly many younger people today think they can watch all manner of truly evil films and programs without any concern, yet all of these things definitely have an impact on their pysche. Satan is after the youth heavily just now, as is evidenced by the anger they all show for no particular reason, and the huge rate of teen suicides etc. TV is one of his best weapons, because it's where they learn that they (not God) can control demons and overcome them and hey, sure they're only fuzzy beings anyway and no big deal right?
Blessings, TKR

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