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I remember several years ago reading about Naaman in some class and learning that the Jordan river was FILTHY. Apparently there were several beautiful and clean rivers right where Naaman was. No one would ever bathe in the Jordan, especially someone of Naaman's status. Funny how God can push us out of our comfort zone in order to receive the forgiveness and cleanliness we need, isn't it?
As an aside, that Guy Rowe portrait is amazing! So detailed and real-looking and beautiful! Thank you for the work you do with this blog- it really is a blessing.

I think you are correct about the Shunamite woman's faith. Having lived in an isolated area in Africa I've come to realize that life there is closer to Bible times than the lives we live in the US. There when a person dies, they are buried immediately. I think, because of her faith, she didn't tell anybody because they would have had the child buried before she even got back. Her silence ensured that the child would still be there when she returned with Elisha whom she knew could heal him.

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