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2 Kings 8:1-9:13

One of the things that I’ve in reading about Israel’s kings, although apostate, they have a love-hate relationship with God’s people and his prophets. Come to think of it, Herald seemed to have this same relationship with John the Baptist. According to Paul’s letter to the Romans, we know truth; however, we reject truth because we exchange the truth we know for a lie (1:25) by choice. I went to school with a young lady who said she didn’t believe in God yet when she was stressed out she read the Bible. When I asked her about that conflict she declared, “No, I don’t believe in God but when I read the Bible it calms me down. I don’t know why.”

She recognized there was something in the Words on the page but she didn’t want to recognize the One who sent those Words. This is not the first time where we read how an ungodly king keeps company with a godly man or loves to hear stories about the works of God yet doesn’t turn to God. Hmmmm!

Grace and peace,

Summertime is an awesome time to sit on the deck with my one year bible and journal. I love to read in the a.m in the freshness of morning with my cup of tea, and journal my prayers as I read the day's readings.

Hmmm...most times I get to read the bible and pray early in the mornings during weekday cos by the time I get back from work,all I can do is go to bed....I can't say I don't connect with God weekends cos saturday mornings I either go for bible school or a messianic service...then sunday,church...I think we should always be connected to God in some way...watch out for his perfect timings which sometime can be subtle...talking to him in my mind keeps my mind from breeding ugly frogs:)
God bless you all

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