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Mike I like your “rough and gruff” question. I for one believe we do not allow the Holy Spirit to tell us how to respond to any given situation or we suppress what we are being led to say and the tone we are being led to speak it in because we are in fear. We fear what others will think of us or that we will offend others. Many of us even believe that if we speak ever so gentile then the person or people we are speaking to will come running to the Lord either for Salvation or to Repentance.

I have been so “rough and gruff” from time to time when speaking or dealing with people at times I have even looked around and said, “Who said that?” I have even dealt gently with people who were out of control, belligerent and just plan “off-the-hook,” when I just wanted to bop the on the head. In a bible study I was leading on the unproductive fig tree, one of the people who lived on the street, a man, became so unruly because of the topic, he began cursing and shouted, “Why are you bringing up this Bible stuff?” I told him, “To seat down, shut up or leave; after all this is a church.” The authority, volume and intensity of my voice stunned even me. About 18 months latter, as I entered a subway train that a very seldom take I hear someone call my name. Recognizing no one on the I proceeded to take a seat. Again, I heard my name and then he added, “This is Padro.” Here before me was the man who had been out of control now in front of me in his right mind and I didn’t even recognize him. He had cleaned himself up, got into rehab, reconnected with his family and was going to church for a reason other than getting a free meal. I was absolutely stunned. When the original incident happened, there were none too few people rebuking me for my “attitude.” However, that “attitude” was what God used to speak to him.

When directed by the Holy Spirit, “rough and gruff” or “sweet as peaches,” God gives you the “attitude” needed to get the job done.

Grace and peace,

I have to admit the kings have become a handful for me...I just don't seem to keep track who's whose son and what who did...it was interesting to note that although Jehoahaz did evil in the eyes of God,God was still merciful...and his son Jehoash although he had no regard for God and did evil in His sight,seemed to be fond of Elisha whom he called his father....strange...What also seems strange is that Elisha had a double portion of the annointing....his bones had raised the dead...yet he himself died due to an illness....
I believe when you have a passion for God in your heart and you seek Him,no matter where you are God'll make sure you are taught his ways.I had planned to read the bible through a few times and failed...the God showed me a way to do it..May God lead us all to those who are searching and whose hearts are ready to receive God...may God sustain us in praying for those whose hearts are hardened so that they too may be ready to receive Him...May God keep our hearts steadfast and our hopes alive even when it seems we're in the eye of a tornado....
God bless you all

Hi Mike,
Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your blog. Thank you for the countless hours you must sacrifice putting all of this together to allow all of us here to just come and sit and read and worship and pray. I know it is kingdom work and your reward will be from the Lord for your passion to see people in God's Word.
I am also thankful that I have been found faithful in my reading and I am thrilled that being part of the One Year Bible Blog has helped me to be so.
Blessings to you from this thankful heart.

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