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Esther - what an awesome woman of courage and faith.

I disagree with some of what Bob Deffinbaugh has to say in his commentary.

Mordecai and Esther may not have mentioned God directly, yet God uses them both in part of his plan to save the Jews. I think that this shows God's grace in using the most unlikely and 'ungodly' people in his plan of salvation - Rembember Rahab? Also it shows that God's purposes always prevail.

The fact that Esther, admittedly after some pressure from Mordecai, weighed the facts and did not 'love her life unto death', but promptly offered it, should be given some credit. Also, she humbled herself and relied on supernatural help, not just her own courage or spiritual resources. I would suggest that the wisdom she displayed in asking for a series of banquets, rather than making her request outright, came from seeking God and was Holy Spirit inspired. I am of course implying this from the text, but the results are there to be seen. A series of 'God-incidences'. Prayer and fasting changes impossible situations!

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