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I always wanted to speak in tongues, or at least since I was grown and went to a christian faith based church, it had esteemed me to know more about it, I had a wonderful lady at our church back then who was a blessing unto God, who walked me through it letting me know that I had it in me I just had to surrender to Jesus and ask Him for the gift to flow freely through me and while I was in my secret place, I asked and opened my mouth and recieved the baptism of the holy spirit and the ability to speak in tongues. Now prior to that I had heard others speak in tongues at a crusade I went to years ago and that was awesome all around you to see others in the spirit so strongly. I strongly suggest that when you get saved, that the next thing to receive is the utterance to speak in tongues. It is a free gift from our Father in Heaven. If evil men give to their own children, how much more will our Father, who art in Heaven and is so good to us, give to us? Love the one year bible blog and take care..

Very well said, Dee. I couldn't agree more regarding the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, the one year Bible blog has been such a blessing to me. I intend to continue this practice next year. I love Mike's commentary as well as those who add their comments.

I believe in speaking in tongues. It is a very wonderful experience and encounter with the holy ghost. I speak in tongues regularly as led by the spirit and I agree with Dee that speaking in tongues is a gift freely given to saved souls...all you need to do is yearn for it and ask God...Its like experiencing God on a different but higher level! Speaking in tongues is also a way the spirit of God makes intercessions for us! A lot of battles are won just by speaking in tongues...you might not understand what you are saying, but God understands (while satan is confused), and according to Paul (I corin 14:2) you are speaking mysteries in the spirit!...Ask God to fill you with the spirit of speaking in tongues...You'll never be the same!

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