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As I read the division of the land today it occured to me just how precise God is.His plans for Israel are so clear and detailed...Yet due to their disobedience,they wandered for years without their land,today they are still fighting for it.God's plans for our life are good....but we need to frequently tune into His frequency(I like that phrase)and be obedient.
Like Israel we are warned not to mix and take on the ways of this strange land (the world)or bow down to idols...Losing their land was a big blow to the Israelis....losing our heavenly inheritance because we choose to give in to the pleasures/pressures of the world would be a bigger blow....eternal regrets....millions and millions of years will be spent regretting....I pray that none of us will ever have to face that...I also pray for grace to frequently be tuned to God's frequency:))
God bless you all

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