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Daniel 1-2:23

8 But Daniel was determined not to defile himself by eating the food and wine given to them by the king. He asked the chief of staff for permission not to eat these unacceptable foods.

Hmmm, this verse has intrigued me like never before. I know that there are several theories on what kind of food Daniel and his three friends didn’t want to eat. Where they sacrificed to idols, I don’t know and I’m pretty much convinced that foods sacrificed to idols when eaten would not cause a difference in physical appearance. Most likely they were to be given were foods that were ceremonial “unclean.”

Five years ago I was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic. Meaning something going on in my metabolic makeup was either causing my pancreases not to produce enough insulin and/or my muscles had become insensitive to the presences of insulin in my bloodstream. This year I began reading every bit of research that I could get my hands on in regard to Type II and found that there is a branch of medicine that is looking at something called, “Metabolic Syndrome,” a precursor to Type II. There is also a group that is looking at our food supply to determine if the food processing used to increase the shelf life and the animal feed used to fatten the domesticated animals we consume may be fueling metabolic syndrome, which is leading many of us down a path to unhealthy bodies, hmmm.

Could the need to supply the palace with luscious steaks with marbleized fat making each little bit of meat tender and succulent instead of grass fed livestock roaming the land making their muscles strong and tough be the reason why these four men refused to eat from the king’s table? From what I have been reading, the changes in feed, produce animals that our bodies are finding hard to not only digest but also to uptake the nutrients. Thus we become overfed and undernourished.

Sorry to go off on a tangent especially after having not been able to post since Nov. the 5th (Computer problems), but today’s reading is making so much sense to me with what I am researching and studying.

Grace and peace,

i love the example of daniel and his 3 friends. At a minimum a community, should i say 'a church in miniature' is made up of this small a group in a very hostile environment. They have the irreducible minimums of being obedient to God's word, to their true identity, and to the kingdom of God.

We think we need so many structures to be considered 'church' but these 4 found each other and were able to not only survive in that pagan world, but even to thrive. They are a great example of being in the world but the world not being in them. We should be careful to not judge people who choose to live outside the 'accepted norms' of what is considered 'church'. Perhaps those outside the 'formal structures' are actually making a pathway forward for a day when we too will live in a 'babylonian like' world.

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