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My thoughts on Daniel 4: This chapter describes how Nebuchadnezzar suffered through a mental breakdown or period of insanity that lasted for seven years. I think from this chapter we get two strong messages.

First, sin can bring on insanity. Sins such as false pride, jealousy, and anger can grow within us until they take over our body both physically and mentally. These sins can grow and take over one’s inner being until they displace one’s sense of logic. It is only through God’s love and our love of God that we have the strength and power to fight against and overcome these sins.

The second lesson is the earthly kingship of Nebuchadnezzar itself that was continued through these seven years of insanity. Even though he was unable to rule during those seven years, the people did not oust him from office. This in itself was unheard of and could even be considered a miracle! When his sanity returned and he was able to resume his kingly duties, the position was not only waiting for Nebuchadnezzar but the people still regarded him as their king. The lesson here for us is that there will be times in life, even though we try to fight them, when we will be overcome with negative feelings such as false pride, anger and jealousy. We need to recognize these negative feelings for what they are – sins – and we need to realize they will only be temporary and will never become a permanent part of our lives IF we continue to seek out and praise God while going through these emotional trials. God will not leave us during these times but instead He will stay with us and help us work through the problem. God will hold the righteous position open for us and welcome our return when the insanity is lifted!

God Bless,

what awesome thoughts Pat! thanks so much for sharing....you mirror my perspective as well :)

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