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These things stood out to me today:Daniel must have been a busy man,but he did every thing right,responsibly,I think he took his work as a form of worship if I may say to God.Because no fault was found in him,God was glorified.I'm sure I can't honestly say that about me.There are times I get upset,there are times I grumble in my heart and yes there are times when I'm careless so this struck me hard...
As busy as Daniel was and as prosperous,he turned towards Jerusalem to pray..psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: "May those who love you be secure....anyway point is he never forgot where he came from,never got too busy to pray...in time of trial he didn't rush to God as a last minute resort,he just did what he always did daily...God gave each of us 24 hours daily,I know I'm really stingy with the time I spend with God daily...my flimsy excuse.."i get too busy,then too tired when i come from work"....Daniel was 50years older,maybe busier...
True many parts of Paul's letters are not understood,God in His mercy is beginning to show me things that I chose to ignore because I thought they didn't refer to this generation/culture.
Today's readings were a reality check for me.
Votes for next year's verse...well I have to say verse 130 struck me as well as verse 133(Direct my footsteps according to your word;
let no sin rule over me. )For God to direct our steps and for us to be victorius in our various "prone to sin"areas,we need God's word desperately....Gotta stop here and let this lessons really sink in...
God bless you all
God bless you

great set of meditations today Mike. I really enjoy the inspiration of the readings, especially daniel 6 today and how he was able to be consistent in a world that was hostile to his faith. What a great example daniel is to all of us who work 'in the world' but don't want to be infected with the world's values. He had a 'built in repair shop' as he invested daily time before the Lord, at least 3 times a day.

thanks too for the 'extras' you post on the site, especially the visuals and media offerings. I am preaching next weekend and planning to have a one year bible blogger come up front with me and give her testimony of why she loves OYB and why others should consider hooking up with OYB in 2010.

God Bless the ministry

That is the ministry of the OYB

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