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"I will be honest - it's not always easy to get motivated for typing in this blog each evening. Most days I am motivated - but not always. Sometimes I just have to "take the plumb line in my hand" - get started with the typing - and God shows up...." ~ I know what you mean, there are days that I hardly have time to read the verses for the day. Then I think to myself "When and where am I going to do the readings???!!!". And somehow there's always enough time to read it and to comment it. Beautiful and inspiring things happen when all of a sudden God shows up. All I have to do is give God the opportunity to show up. All I have to do is make some time for Him and His word and He's there to inspire me. Then all kinds of thoughts go through my mind and I can go on and on commenting the verses. Just sit down, get in touch with myself and I come at ease and find more than enough time to read the Bible and have enough inspiration to write about it. Same thing with church, there are times (just sporaticly - spell check- I'm thankfull for that) that I'm just too tired to go to church. When it happens, it happens on Wednesday, at the midweek service. Yep yep ... I'm admitting this ... WOW ain't I the worst Christian in the world??? LOL Anyways, it's not always easy to work all day, come home at 5.30pm, cook, freshen up, have Jaden all cleaned up and be in church at 7.30pm. While I'm going through rush our I panic "Okay ... how am I going to be in church in time ... ohhhh noooo ... I'm tired ....". Then I come home, need to fix dinner while Jaden is running around me, then we take a shower and I'm in the shower thinking "This is lovely ... maybe I should put on sweats and curl up in the coutch once I'm out of the shower". But how wonderful I feel about myself when I'm in church!!! And the services are even better when I've had this big struggle beforehand! And then I'm soooo happy that I went anyway! God will show up if you open the door ... He'll be there to inspire ... always!!!

Hi Mike-
Been with you from the beginning of the year, my first time reading the Bible cover to cover, and I just wanted to thank you for all your effort. You don't know how many times I've thought: "How does he do it?" "How does Mike make the time and take the time to provide such wonderful commentary?" What a wonderful ministry you have created and I pray God's blessings for you during this Christmas season and all the years that follow.

Good Morning Mike,
It is ironic that as I began to read today's readings, the thought came to mind, I wonder how Mike does this each and every day? And a prayer poured out for you. When I saw your comment, I knew that the Lord went before to build you up and strengthen you. You probably are receiving a huge outpouring of prayers from all over the world. (Isn't that just like our God to give us what we need when we need it!) You are a living example of the scripture quoted today: "not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit." This is the scripture that empowers each of us believers, isn't it? His Power in all of my Spirit. We live by His Resurrection Life each day. We put one foot forward at a time, and know that God will empower the next step. The World wants all of it at one time. Instant Power and is motivated by emotions of anger, greed and power. The Child of God is empowered by an invisible hand like a tiny seed is nurtured by the Sun. It doesn't look like anything is happening to the seed. But inexorably the Sun (Son)acts on the seed, and in due time, the seed does burst forth with life. Some days it is only by blind faith that we can put that one foot forward. We do so expecting that God will provide the energy and ability for the next step.
Thank you for your faithfulness. I eagerly read your site and receive so much from it. Just knowing your site will be waiting for me each morning strengthens my soul..
Blessings on you, my brother!

The song you posted, "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by Casting Crowns was such a pretty song that I decided to download it from Amazon. And to my surprise, this song is FREE on Amazon! What a blessing this song is to me today. Thanks for your good work on this blog every day!

Thanks Mae, Joe & Jackie for your encouragement!! Lorrilou, that is awesome that the song was a free download today on amazon! Merry Christmas everyone!

I have been reading your site for almost three years. I am a chaplain in the Army and have directed hundreds of believers to oneyearbibleblog. I found your site when as I was encouraging military warriors and their families attending our chapel services, to read the Bible every day. I enjoy the links to bible.org and appreciate your hard work to find appropriate artwork and even link to worship music. Thank you for what you do every day! Your ministry in many ways reminds me that there is a rich community of believers who are virtually linked around the world everyday. Spiritually we are all part of that large body of Christ through faith. You will never know Mike how your insight may have been used by the Holy Spirit to encourage a believer in a powerful way. My sincere thanks for your ministry.

I would also like to thank you for all your hard work every day! I have followed your blog on and off as I have been reading through this Bible reading plan this past year. I admit to sometimes getting a bit behind, and having to catch up - and at those times I missed out on your blog. But I am totally caught up and so near my goal of reading my Bible in one year, cover to cover for the first time in my life.

I was inspired by you to start a similar, though much smaller, blog. I'm planning to do a different reading plan this year - where every day of the week is a different type of book (History, Law, Epistles, etc), and am starting a blog where I will post links to each day's reading. I will probably post a devotional about the day's reading about once or twice a week, and have invited a few guest posters to do the same. I am excited about this venture and looking forward to growing in the Lord.

Wow, I've wondered the same many times-- how does he do it so faithfully? When you commented in honesty I was SO SO blessed b/c I was able to see the humanity (the weak and feeble) in the midst of all this beautiful strength of each day's blog...well, what I'm trying to say can be summed up so much better here--2 Corinthians 12:9 "And He said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."

Many blessings to you, brother!!

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