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We have had some discussion where I am about the Babylon of the Revelation. And it seems that it could very well have been Rome and its impending burning. It could also be viewed that London once burned soon after becoming the center of the commerce universe right before the Church began to undergo massive reformation in England. It certainly fits the profile of merchants with sailing vessels making their fortunes off of her.

I think Babylon goes beyond borders, however. I would argue that she is spiritual and not just bordered around Iraq. Ever since the work of the Law began, to convict us within our hearts of right and wrong, she has worked against it, to try and give us permission to make decisions to transcend right and wrong. She was with Baal in the desert. She was with David on his way to Bathsheba's bed. She taught Israel how to play the harlot on the high places. She was with Judas, who was trying to force Christ to make His kingdom come by betraying Him. She breathed inspiration into the Gnostics. She whispered rage into the ears of the Inquisition and into the ears of the Crusaders. She raises up Hitlers and Stalins as her champions. She champions Hugh Heffner and a thousand other such slime balls who devalue man's help mate. She leads our children on a hundred meaningless tirades on MySpace, on a popularity contest with faceless digital people. She gives them permission to be busy with a thousand poorly performed arts instead of learning the good skills of five well performed arts.

Her maddening wine is a vintage we have smelled and partaken of for millenia. And the day that she burns, the day that she is cast into the ocean... many will lose their fortunes. But after she is gone, we will know the powers behind her and the powers that opposed her. And we will see how lovely the latter is and how unstomachable the former has always been.

Babylon the great is the spirit that opposes God and leads His people away from the still small voice.

God bless you you,ve realy wone my heart fo christ.

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