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Lots of great stuff! We are so blessed when we finally see our need for God's strength and know ours is nothing. When we are solely dependant on Him! Our fallen nature wants to be independent and rely on oursleves, but God will show every believer how inadequate we are. Some ppl will have to go through trial after trial to get the message, some Christinas cling to their 'strength' for yrs. We have to know its all God. We have nothing of ourselves! Like Zech 12:5 says: "Then the leaders of Judah will say in their hearts, 'The people of Jerusalem are strong, because the LORD Almighty is their God".

God will get the glory when others see HIm moving in our lives. Thats the goal...and how blessed we will be, its one of the best things in the world when i finally learned total dependence on Him. (not that I dont still sometimes try to do things on my own...but God reminds me lovingly). Plus, I'm miserable when I try to be independent! Thank God!

Psalms is beautiful. Rev is just the best thing ever. ha!!! I cant wait for that sucker to burn forever. the enemy is an evil liar murderer, mere words cant describe it...he will get his punishment and I will be in the front row cheering. slam dunk!

Dear Mike,
It is really wonderful moments that I subscribed your one year Bible blog from last year. I am student here in Australia and I am from Nepal.I always tried to spend my time reading on your blog and reading Bible but sometime I could not manage my time but I hope on coming New Year and from today I will read you blog everyday and the Bible.
Thank you for all your hard work day by day and may god give you more wisdom and strength to continue to this journey.

My name is Sujan and I am currently living in Melbourne and I am studying Community Welfare and enjoying the fellowship of our lord Jesus Christ.

In Him,

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