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accountability is from the Word
so here I am. I found much of today's readings
a hard Word. Thank GOODNESS the Lord started w/
I have loved you deeply and ended with the glorious future.
Thanks for this study and blog and meeting new
brothers and sisters, diligently seeking God's Plan & Purposes.
A joyful, BLESSED NEW YEAR to you. May we become friends in the Word
and hold eachother accountable to not give up, lift eachother up when down,
reach out and bring eachother back.
Your sister in Christ, susanne

I marvel at every word of today's reading particularly about the new Jarusalem where there will be no sorry, no death but happiness, joy to the rightous ones. How I wish Iam there with my loved ones. May the Lord grant me and you and our families the grace to be there in Jesus name. Amen.

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