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Genesis 48:1-49:33

Jacob said to Joseph, "The Sovereign God appeared to me at Luz in the land of Canaan and blessed me. He said to me, 'I am going to make you fruitful and will multiply you. I will make you into a group of nations, and I will give this land to your descendants as an everlasting possession.'
(Genesis 48:3-4 NET.)

I find the tenses used in this passage very interesting. Jacob states that God told him He was going to make him, not his descendents, not some group in the future, but him, Jacob/Israel, fruitful. For someone who had no knowledge of the resurrection, someone who the “Soon Coming King” would be way into the future, Jacob had an intense sense of eternity in his heart. Do we, those who come after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, see our off-spring, children, grandchildren and great-grand’s in the Big Picture of things as being an extension of ourselves, or do we think everything ends with us? How much of this do I truly understand? I say that I am part of something greater than myself, but do I act it and walk it? Are my actions speaking louder than my words?

I also find it interesting that Leah is buried in the land promised to Abraham, in the cave bought when the land was promised but not obtained fully. However, Rachael was buried on the road outside of Bethlehem. I’m not sure if there is any significance, I just find it interesting. Leah, the “booby” prize, the one not wanted, was the mother of both the priestly line and the kingly line, Levi and Judah. I’m not taking anything away from Joseph, but it seems that God always deals with the unwanted, the outcasts. I believe what we see in these twelve boys played out in this story is a strong reason why we are told to be careful how we judge. We, outside of the revelation of God, do not know how a story will end. It seems the ones with the “badest” reputations don’t end that way. What is that song, “It’s Not How You Start but How You Finish.” I think it is from a musical, but I can’t remember which one.

Grace and peace,

When Israel blessed Judah was he refering to Christ in his blessing?

The HALLMARK of Jesus ministry on Earth is COMPASSION for others.

I AM a goal setter, I set goals and try to achieve them in my life.

1 Cor. 14:1a
Let love be your highest goal!

11 Cor. 5:9b
our goal is to please Him.

1 Thess. 4:11
Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands; just as we instructed you before.

My ultimate goal is to live with the Lord for all of eternity. God Bless you Mike

Wow, this made me think... about being a goal setter. I used to be a goal setter but I sort of got distracted and have not completely gone back to track... I pray to be fully back and ablazing with the fire of the Lord. Being a single parent is not an excuse to be so busy... Need to be organized now.

Like Ramona I also find it interesting that Leah was buried in the land promised to Abraham, whereas, Rachael [whom Jacob clearly loved more than Leah] was not...hmmm...I would have thought that his "favourite" wife would have been buried with him...

With regards to planning...maybe before I was more a planner and committed...I am tryin to get back there slowly and keeping up with these daily reading and making a habit out of it is definitely one of my plans for this year...so pray for me folks :)


I have the overall goal to please the Lord with my whole life.
I fall short on short term goals. They talk a lot about goals and planning here at the seminary - the importance of them.
One thing I observe, those who have goals, do not allow distractions to distract them. I really want to get more organized on my goals. I believe I can better accomplish God's will and purpose for my life if I allow this discipline to guide my life. Pray I will ( :

The book of Genesis is about beginnings. The story of CREATION is so majestic and beautiful in how GOD created the ENTIRE world in only seven days. GOD made man in his own image. Adam brought SIN in to the world when he ate the FORBIDDEN fruit and was cast out of paradise. Caine committed the FIRST murder when he killed Able. GOD found Noah to be righteous in a CORRUPT world, he saved him and his family along with two of all animals from the flood that HE sent on the Earth to destroy ALL mankind. Abram LISTENED to GOD when GOD told him to go to an unknown land so that GOD could make Abram in to a GREAT nation and people of nations. GOD gave Abraham a son in his old age for being such a righteous person. Abraham was willing to KILL his own son Isaac when GOD told him to sacrifice him as an offering to GOD. Isaac and Jacob BOTH took wives from the children of Nabor Abraham's brother. Abraham and Isaac were both buried in the same field in Manre. Jacob stole Esue's birth right and blessing from Isaac. Isaac fled to Leban where he took both Leah and Rachel as his wives but he loved Rachel more then Leah. Jacob is given the name ISRAEL by GOD. Israel has twelve sons. Dinah is the first RAPE of the Bible. Israel loves Joseph the most out of his sons, his brothers sell him in to slavery in Eygpy. GOD uses Joseph to save ISRAEL from starvation in Egypt by providing them with food. The book of Genesis is not all good but it is also NOT all bad either, it is a mixed basket of the two like the rest of all of history. Why should the beginning be held to a higher standard then the rest of ALL time?

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