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A few things that I found interesting in our readings today:

1) When Nadab and Abihu were struck down, Leviticus 9:4 states that "Aaron was silent." He must have known there was no defense or excuse for their actions. Later, when Moses confronts the other two sons in v. 16 - 18 for how they handled the meat of the sin offering, Aaron answers Moses and defends his remaining two sons and 9:20 says that "he (Moses) was satisfied." While I do believe that "sin is sin", I have often wondered about gradations of sin - is one sin worse than another in God's eyes, or does He see all sin the same way? Both sets of sons were disobedient, yet some are struck down and the others are forgiven. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this?

2) Leviticus 10:10-11 - "You must distinguish between what is sacred and what is common." (NASB uses the words "holy" and "profane".) In v. 11, we read "you must teach the Isrealites all the decrees that the Lord has given through Moses." This reminded me of Matthew 28:20, where Jesus says "Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you."

Both of these passages remind me of my responsibility to study God's Word daily, to be able to discern between the "sacred and the common" and to go out and teach others with my life, my actions and my words.

3) Finally, I would encourage everyone (who has the time) to read Mike's links to the bible.org commentaries. I am in an in-depth study of Leviticus right now and have found those commentaries to be really helpful in understanding Leviticus, as well as the foreshadowing and how it all plays out in the New Testament. I have found my study of Leviticus has given me a much richer understanding of the New Testament, and especially the book of Hebrews.

Everything we EAT now is enhanced or genetically altered.

Lisa, what Nadab and Abihu did was an act of deliberate sin made because they felt they could either rely on their own ability to start the fire or that their power from being a priest would enhance the power of God. Either they saw no reason to keep the altar fire burning as instructed in 6:12-13 because they knew they could easily relight it themselves which is probably what happened - or - the fire was still as burning as instructed but they decided that their priestly positions gave them power equal to the power of God which they demonstrated by adding their own additional fire to the altar. In either case God punished them by consuming them with fire.

Aaron had just seen his two oldest sons and his two remaining sons Elezar and Ithamar had just seen their brothers burned to ashes. Moses instructed the three of them not to leave the tabernacle to grieve with the people or to tear their clothes or let their hair go uncombed as a sign of mourning because they were to continue performing their priestly duty of offering sin sacrifices to God on behalf of the people and they did as were instructed. They did not turn their backs on God or refuse to perform their duties. However, after they burned the sin offering for their own sin and the sins of the people, they did not eat the meat as instructed. Moses approached them angrily demanding to know why they didn’t eat the meat. Aaron basically explained to Moses that they had done all they were suppose to do except they were to upset to eat after just watching Nadab and Abihu having been burned to a crisp, and then Moses understood and had compassion on them.

This is comforting to me because just as Moses had compassion when he realized how much Aaron, Elezar and Ithamar were hurting, Christ has compassion for us when we are deeply upset or hurting. God knows and considers what is taking place in our hearts. There are times when we hurt too deeply to pray and the Holy Spirit intervenes for us during those times. There are times when we have such pressing matters going on in our lives that even though we read the Scripture we are not aware of what we read, but God knows we are doing the best that we can do at that time. There are times when for some reason or another we cannot make ourselves enter the door of the church, but God still loves us and stays with us.

God bless!

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