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Daniel Wallace's philosophical, psychological, theological/biblical treatise on love and sex/sexuality is a "must" to read. I'm glad that someone has finally tried to put together a holistic view on love and sex and its signifciance in strengthening the committted relationship between two individuals.

Sometimes Christians when talking about sex (and other issues) merely quote scripture to support their arguments without taking into consideration
the psychological aspects of our humanity. As human beings, we are all these in one: physical, intellectual/cognitive, socio-emotional, moral, spiritual.

It's when we separate or dichotomize our nature that we end up having problems with our own selves just as when we separate ourselves or out of synch in our relationship with God.

A beautiful sexual relationship between two committed people strengthens the emotional bond and brings about spiritual unity. Indeed this is symbolized by the triangle with Christ at its apex as diagrammed by Daniel in his concluding paragpraph.

This was exactly the kind of marriage that I had with the beauty and splendor of sex, emotionally strong, spiritually grounded/rooted though unfortunately it only lasted seven years, but I can proudly say to this day ----they were the most beautiful years of my life!!!

So, today the topic in Leviticus is on bodily secretions. At first, that used to freak me out to hear about such things. However, God cared so much about our good health! Whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, and definitely spiritually. Just think about how much the health care would be down, if we devoted or should I say take a moment to wash hands, sanitize, keep ourselves clean(er). The CDC would probably get blown away in lower statistics if we focused on Godly principles more instead of listening to our flesh! However, I know these were practices of old, because we have our "scapegoat" and our last sacrifice, and that was the perfect Lamb of God! We just need to diligently seek Him in all we do, thoughtlife, earway, eyegate, and tongue should be professing our Love of Jesus! The Light of the World!! God bless.. deedee

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for my sins. I pray to HIM several times a day. I try to be compassionate to others.

I have learnt that the only way of victory is to subject each thought to Christ. To flee as Joseph fled from Potiphar's wife. To leave friends that are bad influence and to watch what I am subjecting my mind to (TV) and certain music. It is like a bird flying over your head (the thought) if you allow the bird to sit it will make a nest. Once ... See Morethe thought process has fully developed and if not stopped, sin then is fully grown and brings forth death. Spiritual death especially if continued. Thankfully that should we have sinned we can come to the Father and confess before Him and He makes us just as if we have never sinned because of Christ Jesus. Victory is possible, but we need to understand the process of sin so that we can avoid falling.

I have found very few hymns that deal with the themes of Leviticus in a way that is deep and rich. Isaac Watts has written one which is an exception to the rarity. We've set it to new music, and if people are interested in a reflection that nails the heart of the first half of Leviticus through the lens of Christ, I commend the song!


Zac Hicks

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