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Numbers 32:1-33:39

This makes me sad, 1 …So when they saw that the lands of Jazer and Gilead were ideally suited for their flocks and herds, 2 they came to Moses, Eleazar the priest, and the other leaders of the people. They said, 3 "Ataroth, Dibon, Jazer, Nimrah, Heshbon, Elealeh, Sebam, Nebo, and Beon—4 the LORD has conquered this whole area for the people of Israel. It is ideally suited for all our flocks and herds. 5 If we have found favor with you, please let us have this land as our property instead of giving us land across the Jordan River."

God, who knows everything, gives the children of Israel land that is best suited for them, yet two and one-half tribes think that they can appraise the land better than God. Hmmm, have I negotiated down and taken what God has permitted me to take instead of waiting for God’s perfect Will for my life? Were the people from the tribe of Gad the ancestors of those living in the Gadarenes, that place where Jesus cast the legend of demons out of a man and sent them into a heard of pigs? I’m not sure if they are but if there were they wound up taking care of unclean animals. That was not a job for nice Jewish boys.

How could they say that the land was ideally suited for them without fully exploring the land of Promise? What does this say when we want things done in our timing and not God’s timing?

Mike reading your comments about keeping our words reminds me of how important it is to be faithful to the words that flow from our mouths. One of the consequences of not keeping our word is that we don’t think anyone else will be true to their word either, even God so we don’t trust Him. If you can’t believe your own words, you will never believe anyone else’s. That is the real destruction of having a lying tongue, we destroy ourselves first.

Luke 4:31-5:11

I think it’s funny pathetic that demon spirits knew who Jesus was, yet those who were his own didn’t recognize, or maybe I should say wouldn’t recognize that He fulfilled all the Prophecies uttered in the Old Testament, the Book. Something is very wrong with that picture.

Jesus’ power to heal, his power to tell fish where to go to be caught could only happened because He was “ In the beginning …All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being (John 1:1; 3). The only way that anyone can have legitimate power over anything is to be the one who created it. Jesus could get rid of fevers because he created man.
As His creation at His Word every cell must perform they way it was made to perform “In the Beginning …(Genesis 1:1)

Psalm 64:1-10
Do not let my enemies' threats overwhelm me.

This is the first time that I’ve read this and picked up its meaning. Don’t let my enemies’ threats overwhelm me. This is saying that there is no way that I can withstand the onslaught of all the negative, destructive things of life that come my way unless God holds back them back. How often do I think I need to take a stand, build myself up and play the part of the Lone Ranger riding on my trusty steed? Surly pride will be my downfall and the only safety is being sheltered under the might wings of God.

Proverbs 11:22

Mike I liked the picture of the pig’s snout although it took me awhile to figure out what I was looking at. What I see here in the Proverb is that this gold ring that has been placed in the snout doesn’t loose its value. What happens to it is that it gets stuck in the mud, stuck in the troth and encrusted with food and dirt. Unless one captures the pig and gives him a bath, the beauty of the ring will be obscured. Yet even when bathed, perfumed and dressed in a tux, the pig being a pig will go back to his ole stomping grounds, the mud.

Although you looked to see if this wasn’t gender specific, don’t try to make it gender neutral, accept what the Word of God is saying. Remember the church is called the bride of Christ. So that means all you Christian men need to go out and find a nice bridal veil.

You might even extrapolate this out and say this could be a warning for the church, Christ’s Bride! Stay out of the mud and don’t be attaching yourselves to pigs.

Grace and peace,

Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men. I usher and work in my church nursery on a weekly basis, this is very fulfilling work for me.

The video today made me think of missionaries that our church supports, Nate and Rachelle Dell with HCJB. Their heart is for the Waoroni people (formerly known as the Auca's as portrayed in the SCChapman video). However, they have been state-side for a number of years now due to health reasons. Would you please pray for them as they seek to be healed and return to Ecuador??? Thanks!

In Numbers today..I wanted to ask the Reubonites and Gadites..what for?? Why are they resisting and wanting land east of the promised land that they were destined to have. I do commend them for deciding to go head first in the land when others go to attack and sieze it, just thought they would be assured of the land God promised them, the land flowing with milk and honey.. and all of the camping in todays studies, they camped here, went there, camped here went there..I wanted to say Attack already!! This originally was an 11 day journey and turned into 40 long strenuous doubtful years, that didn't have to be if they would have just trusted God.

I liked going from Luke chapters 3 and venturing into 4 and 5 today. I liked the feed that the audio bible spoke about in that, Jesus had to be tempted in the wilderness (in the dark) before He could be tempted in the light-before His ministry took off. He had to win the battle in His head, thoughts, emotions. That is a lesson for all of us..we have to be armed ready and prepared before we go to battle against the enemy and be a teacher of the Word..we have to be physically, mentally, emotionally capable and ready to be a doer of the Word and not just a Hearer only, deceiving ourselves..

Psalms was good today talking about Davids enemies and him not being afraid of the enemies but afraid of the fear that he felt, because the acronoym F.E.A.R. is false evidence appearing real..cant exist if you have faith and vice versa..Faith is calliing those things that be not as though they are..the enemy's greatest tool is getting us to walk out fear and be afraid of things that are in our head instead of things that are real..Make sure to look unto the Lord and be not afraid..God said over 365 times in the Bible "do not fear" one for every day and a few extra..keep that in mind..

Proverbs 11:22 today teaches us - "A woman who is beautiful but lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig's snout." That makes me think of all these scandals with all these so called beauties of this world coming out about these affairs with these married men..kind of paints a picture of this pig snout..our appearance is fleeting with each passing day, but real beauty comes from within..it is far better than rubies..

~~Be Blessed DeeDee

Ramona, I loved your comments on todays proverbs. You always seem to find so much insight to the scriptures that I don't always see. Keep posting. I always read what you write. Love in Christ to all.

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