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Deuteronomy 4:1-49

2 Do not add to or subtract from these commands I am giving you from the LORD your God. Just obey them. (NLT)

“Just obey them,” a simple sentence but a powerful Word from God. I believe we like to add or take away from God’s commands to better understand in our minds, why God is asking us to adhere to a specific code of conduct and it is in our explanations of “why” where we get messed up. Funny thing about understanding, at least with God, I find that understanding comes as I just do what God tells me to do. It may not come right away, but understanding, by way of revelation and or study, does come as we mature.

That concept is not hard to understand when we think about why we send our children to school. They do not go into the first grade with a full understanding of E=MC2, a mathematical formula of energy, a formula language founded on 1 + 1 = 2. However, if one decides to go into physics, the simple arithmetic basic will come into play. My son, a stress analyst for Boeing’s new 787 plane, works with numbers and formulas all the time, which I don’t understand; however, he has taken the time to study the math and physics behind the “why,” and I haven’t. That doesn’t’ mean the laws of aerodynamics will work for him but not for me because I don’t understand the laws. Yes, “Just obey them,” is a powerful sentence.

Grace and peace,

I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.

Well, Mike I am one of those worship song gurus like you! I love it!! That's how I usually get through house work when I do get around to the work at home. lol!! But just this morning I couldn't resist listening to Mikeschair, Let the Waters Rise, and singing passionately to it because I have been there, felt that, experienced that raging emotion and it takes you back to the tender moments you have with God and it is in those moments that I really "feel" Gods presence moving in my life..

Anyway, back to the readings today..
Deuteronomy..its hard to believe we are already in Deut..I was writing numbers before I knew it and had to subtract that..then I had to check my spelling of Deuteronomy..can you believe this word was on my 4th grade sons spelling test recently..jeesh.. However, good read in there today, I was going to comment on yesterdays since I didn't blog and say in likes with Karens comments that I do get saddened for poor Moses asking yet again to God about crossing the Jordon, and God giving an emphatic, No, you may go up on a mountain and look and oversee the promises I have given to your desendants but thats all..you can't blame Moses for making one last plea..and I know God knows and has ways that are different from ours, however..he still loves and cares for us, and I still commend Moses for all his efforts in trying to lead these crazy bunch of people, I again, would have just let the Lord smote them way back when..Todays readings almost sounded like a sermon of sorts because Moses was really poring his heart out to the people..

Deut. 4:1-49 (1) Listen, give heed to what I am about to tell you, that you may go out and possess the land in which the Lord our God has given you. (2) Don't add to Gods words or take anything away from..but follow the Lord all the days of your life(paraphrasing) He gives them lots of remembrances again to bore in their thick skulls, verse 9 was good, Only take heed, and guard your life diligently, lest you forget the things which your eyes have seen and lest you depart from your mind and heart all the days of your life. teach them to your children and your childrens children..This tells us, we have to teach and show our kids what we have learned from the Lord and be on guard ourselves, lest we slip and fall into sin.. verse 29, is precious..But if from there you will seek (inquire for and require as necessity) the Lord your God, you will find Him if you (truly) seek Him with all your heart (and mind) and soul and life..That is what I search for and set out to do each and every day of my life and was my prayer this morning.. I pray that everyone else commissions this prayer in their life..and verse 30, When you are in tribulation and all these things come upon you, in the latter days you will turn to the Lord your God and be obedient to His voice..(it reminds me of a worship song at my church that says.. Your latter days will be greater than the rest, basically saying that even all the trials you had from the beginning the latter will be so much greater than the former times, and you will be overwhelmed be the Love of God and His move and your maturing you have done in the Kingdom that you wouldn't trade it for nothing!

I loved the Beatitudes yesterday..I finally got to sit and read them well and read them to my son while he went to bed last night..trying to brighten his mood..he's almost ten and sometimes as grumpy as an Israelite in the wilderness. Lol!! But I always like to simmer him down and read to him whether he wants to hear the Word or not..Faith comes by hearing..and what we give our attention to, eventually becomes our affection.. so..it is life changing for us..but today..I admire the centurion..I only hope oneday..Jesus can look at me as I feel he looked towards the centurion with admiration and marvel..and say to me..Never before have I seen much faith..That would truly be a compliment from our Big Brother-Jesus!

Ps 69: 3, I don't want to feel like that again..where I am weary with my crying: my throat is parched , my eyes fill with waiting for My God..Scary feeling when you like that..However I listened to Joyce Meyer this morning and she said somthing that had me thinking..She said "we can be pitiful or powerful but we can't be both!" thats is so true its like having faith but walking in fear..can't happen. we have to on purpose Do what we know to do..Stand on the Word with all our might..lean not to our own understanding, trust in Him..Do it anyway, even if your scared..thats a natural feeling.. and I truly believe you can still be trusting in God and leaning to Him and be a little scared at the outcome but the whole time saying..You know what..none the less..Lord..Your Will Be Done!!

Love and blessings~~DeeDee

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